by Martine Cadet

Kaderique is a Digital Content Management company that can help you take your brand into the digital world.  Martine Cadet is the founder and Creative Director of Kaderique.com Martine is based out of NJ and NYC.  Martine is a Media Influencer, Blogger, Speaker and Consultant.

Event Planner

“On July 9th, Kaderique by Martine Cadet came into the picture. We met for the first time and she agreed to proceed in producing a Fashion show for our brands Jeffrey Stein 78 and Vella Wine Bar and Kitchen. I'm honestly not sure how she does it all. Her coordinating skills are impeccable. Martine was not only able to pull together a team of fabulous Designers, she was also able to creatively put the concept of the show together from building the flyers to managing the VIP guest list. Martine is an analytical thinker. She is capable of handling quantitative and technical duties while also using her eye for design to implement all the needed visual aspects of an event. Splash into NYFW was truly a successful event all made possible by Kaderique." - Jeffrey Stein 78, NYC

Media Coverage

"This Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger, recently wrote some amazing pieces about our brand, mission, and merchandise. She truly expounded upon what our clothing line really stands for. Mentions concerning our ministry, modest aesthetic , and fashion pieces were emulated effortless through out the articles. We were undoubtedly honored to be featured in those stories. Thanks again Martine Cadet from Kaderique. You highlighted our brand more than we could have ever asked for. God bless you!" - Natasha Lambkin, CEO and Founder of Tashee Inc.


"I stumbled across Kaderique by Martine Cadet one day when I was looking for a creative lifestyle blogger to tell my story as a photographer. Everything from scheduling the blog interview, to actually being able to do a photo-shoot with Martine was absolutely ingenious. To be able to work with a brand that is inventively unique was such a great opportunity and truly inspirational. To this day Kaderique is one of my favorite lifestyle blogs and soon to be yours too!" - Tamika Wright CEO of Photos Done Wright

Brand Ambassador

“There are no words that can begin to express just how thankful I am for Martine and her marketing insights. She who came into my life at such a critical point in my business. Through our partnership and collaboration, she literally taught me the science behind marketing my brand online which elevated our social media presence like never before. Her insight into marketing your brand will completely upgrade your media profile and grow your business to the next level. So if you are looking for someone that will teach you how to take your brand from where it is to where it needs to go, Martine is your girl. The evidence is in the proof of our social profiles, follower growth, brand engagement and conversions. The numbers don’t lie and we have Martine to thank for assisting us in putting numbers on the board and today our brand is winning”.- Daphne Valerius, Founder - I AM HER Apparel

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