3 Reasons Why I Started My Own Podcast and How you can Have yours too!

You are going to laugh but I remember recording my voice as a teenager in a cassette tape. That was my diary back in the days. Don't ask me why I did it lol. I don't even know where the tapes are now honestly. Today, I am doing it again but this time I know why and I know excalty where I will store it all. That's right, I launched my own podcast. Why?

1. Because It's Another Platform to engage!

I have a YouTube channel, I am engaged on social media platforms through images and live streams, however, I realized wait, I don't have a podcast! The crazy part is, I listen to tons of podcasts all day everyday from the same people I follow on social media! I feel more connected with them and as a result have sent them emails and engage with a good portion of them. For that reason, I thought to myself well I want to give my audience just that.

2. Because You Can Consume the content Without having to Stop What You Are Doing!

You can multitask and there are no commercials lol So what are you going to expect to have on my podcast well a little bit more of a personal relationship with me. It's more or less of my diary. I share my strongest opinions there. It's an extension of what I'm already putting out through my blog and through my social media platforms.

3. Because it's FREE!

Who doesn't like Free stuff?! I know I do! It's not only free to Start your own Podcast, it's also Free to maintain and produce one! It took me weeks to figure out how to do it.  Contact me if you need help launching your Podcast!


Your brand has a voice.  This is a platform that is rapidly growing today and all major marketers share the same point: Podcasting is not going to die! Get on the bus if you are a creative entrepreneur.  You are a blogger, a small business owner, a motivational speaker?...Any creative person can do this.  Share your values and your brand message through your podcast series. I cannot wait to subscribe to yours!

Martine Cadet

Martine Cadet, Digital Media strategist, Speaker, Model and Handmade Jewelry Designer.