Are You Inspired in Your Work?

I used to sit in my cubicle at work and wonder why do we all work? and the natural answer I had was well I work for money.  But then does it mean that those who earn enough to last a lifetime or those who inherit should do no work? If someone who has enough money decides to do no work, will it make that person happy and contented?

The problem is: How to know if we are inspired in what we do?

First ask yourself: am I made for that work? Does that work fit my abilities and mental makeup? What about enjoyment? Do I enjoy doing my work? Am I happy at the end of the day or tired and irritated? Here's what I think: If you enjoy doing your work, no amount of hard work will tire you out totally. Otherwise your inner frustration of doing something that you don't like doing will tire you out with anger in no time. You are going to want to quit and you will be miserable all the time.

Next ask yourself: Do I feel that my work makes other lives better? If somehow you can begin getting that feeling, your inspiration in work will rise without any other help. I can testify to this. There is something amazing about the joy of supporting and collaborating your values in others.  For me, when I take on a project, I put all my heart and soul into it and it just does not feel like work anymore. We all feel very satisfied if we feel that our work has made someone feel better right? At my day job for example, when we hit amazing sales as a team and the VP thank us for our efforts, we all feel so happy.  The point is - you will feel satisfied and inspired if you give joy to others with our work.

The last question you want to ask yourself to find out if you are inspired in your work would be to find out if you show creativity in your work? Those who are inspired show creativity in some area of their work because they want to improve the work efficiency. Uninspired souls will only wait for the day to get over while inspired ones always feel good and creative doing their work. I think 90% of the office where I work is like this. I cannot even lie about it.

Here's the thing, if you have found a work that inspires you, you are very lucky, otherwise it is time to find your true vocation and get satisfaction.

We derive satisfaction in life by doing things that we feel are worth while. If we are sure that we have done good work, we feel peace in the heart. It gives us the approval of our ability.

I hope this post does not sway you in any way to turn in your resignation at work tomorrow but instead lead you to start thinking about your current work and ask yourself these questions!

Martine Cadet

Martine Cadet, Digital Media strategist, Speaker, Model and Handmade Jewelry Designer.