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Rocksbox: Premium Jewelry subscription

I used to have a subscription box program before. It was for natural home cleaning products. I have contemplated joining a food and wine subscription at some point too but was worried I would gain too much weight!


In my opinion, subscription boxes are very useful. I have since, canceled my membership from the home cleaning company just because I ended up finding a brand at my local market that had a little more variety in their assortment. Other than that, I would totally recommend joining a subscription box program only if it is in the in the niche of product or services that you use most in your everyday life and that you know will save you time and money.


When Rocksbox reached out to me to try out and review their subscription premium jewelry box program, I was super excited. One because I am always out and about to special events and always in need of something to wear and two because hey what girl does not love premium jewelry?! Let's be real. A nice pretty box in your mailbox every month feels like your birthday every month! I kinda like that!


So basically for $19/month you receive 3 pieces to wear literally. It’s like jewelry on a loan is the best way I can describe it. Each piece of jewelry is hand-selected for you based on your style and specific requests by your personal stylist. Yes! I said personal stylist! Sounds fancy right? Well it is.

My Rocksbox stylist picked out a Gorjana drop earrings, a Pandora bracelet and a gorgeous spectrum necklace for me once. The next month I received another Gorjana piece of jewelry, this time a set of earrings, a stunning rose gold necklace by Elise M and a lighting charm necklace from Cameron Rose.

These pieces are not for you to keep. My suggestion to you, if you are exploring joining the Rocksbox subscription box program, make sure that you care for your jewelry pieces well unless you choose to purchase them instead of returning them back. This is totally an option too by the way.

If you are a jewelry lover and enjoy switching your looks often, this a very good subscription box to join. I am currently not a member right now but I am exploring joining again in the near future. It is very convenient to have especially if you are like me always on the go attending events and need fresh looks constantly.

Update: Since this sponsor blog post, my Rocksbox promotional code has expired. however, when you sign up directly on the site at www.rocksbox.com they usually offer great promotions.

This is a sponsorship review provided by Rocksbox. All opinions shared in this post are my honest review of Rocksbox products and services


Monte Mader CD Release Show at Rockwood NYC


"The art of producing good music from a cultivated voice can be achieved by many, but the art of producing that music from the harmony of a pure life is achieved very rarely".-  Gandhi


I met pop singer-songwriter Monte Mader at her official CD release show at the Rockwood in New York City a few days ago.  I enjoyed how she connected with the audience. Before every song, Monte Mader shared what inspired her to write and produce the song.  Once she told the story, you could not help but feel what she felt singing the lyrics. Everything just clicked.  I was so inspired and I know the entire crowd was too following the screaming and loud clapping everytime she ended a song.


Monte Mader is from Wyoming.  This Debut EP, SKYDIVE is a testimony of how she managed to bounce back from all that she went through.  Monte endured a lot.  From Bankcrupcy at an early age, bad breakups and most recently the sudden death of her father this pass year, Monte never gave up. In fact, during the performance at the Rockwood, she motivated the crowd by sharing with everyone that being in a bad place is a good thing and to remember that it is temporary. Never give up and just Dive!

Monte Mader is pure, authentic, though yet super sweet.  All the songs on her EP are really great but my ultimate fav has to be Skydive.  It's so motivating and inspiring.  It truly embodies what life is all about.  Monte Mader is pursuing her dream and wants you to do the same. Her music is uplifting.

Check out Monte Mader website:  MonteMaderMusic.com

Monte Mader EP, Skydive, is now available on:

ITunes - http://apple.co/2rlgEQV

Amazon - http://amzn.to/2rDMs3b

5 Things I Learned While Dealing With the Sudden Death of My Father in Haiti

Today is Flag Day in Haiti. As a result every year, Haitians all over the world celebrate their culture and heritage. For the last 20 years of my life, it has not been a celebration for me at all. In fact, May 18 has been the worst calendar day for me.

I love my home country Haiti a lot. I love everything about it. But I realized that my bitter sweet love for being Haitian comes from the anger of the memory of what this country left me with.

It was December 30th 1996 when at 3 am I heard a huge knock on the door. My mother, my older sister and I were the only ones fast asleep in the house. My father was visiting my other sister in New York who was attending college at the time.

I woke up frantic. I ran to my mom and saw armed men in front. It was dark. These were the longest 20 minutes of my life. During the entire time, I was praying in my heart. Asking God to protect me, my sister and my mom. I blacked out. All I can remember are the tears falling down my face when one of the man approached me trying to slip his hands under my shirt. I begged him not to do me any arm. I told him to please not to do what he was attempting to do to me and I closed my eyes and prayed. God heard my prayers and one of the other man that was breaking everything in the house looking for money and any valuable things in the house to steal called him and he left me.

Complete silence... in the dark ... my mother, sister and I just started crying. Trying to understand what had just happened to us.

My father heard about what happened and was extremely upset. When he returned to Haiti from visiting my sister in New York, I hugged him and cried to him. He apologized to me and told me that this will never happen to me again. He made a promise to me that no one should ever hurt me.

It was May 15th 1997. 5 months later. 3 am in the middle of the night. I heard a huge knock. It was dark. A group of man with firearms walked into the house. My father, my mother, my sister and I all ran into my bedroom and locked the door. My father told me to jump over the window and just run. By the time I jumped over, a gun shot missed me. They had surrounded the house. I fell right on my back in the bedroom. We were not going to be able to escape. One of the man broke my bedroom door, pulled my mother and my father into the living room and asked them to lay flat...head down. It happened so fast.

At that point, I noticed that they had not seen my sister and I so I took my older sister's hand and ran into the bathroom to hide. I put my hand inside her mouth so she wouldn't scream. I peaked over the bathroom door and saw my parents legs and the men surrounding them with guns pointing at mom and dad. My heart was racing so fast. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't even make out what they were saying. And then I heard it. The gun shot. And then I saw it. The pool of blood. And then I heard it. My mother saying in creole "They shut Albert ...Jesus..They shut him..."

My Father Albert Frederique

Fast forward on May 18th 1997 , 1:00 am. My mother wakes me up at my aunt's house to tell me that my dad will not make it out of his coma and that he was gone forever.

It's OK to cry: Face it Again

After my father's sudden death, I was just numb. My only focus was to educate myself because learning was very important to him and I didn't want to disappoint him. I barely made it through high school. Landed in the States and only had one thing in mind: Make Him Proud.  I attended college full time while working a full time job. Giving up was never in my vocabulary.

I never cried. I never mourned. I did not want to. I was avoiding to cry. I was afraid to experience the pain. I tried to avoid any means possible not to travel to Haiti. When I did go, I went for no more than 3 days to family functions and back. This for over a decade until my husband did an intervention and booked a trip to Haiti and arranged for me to go back to the house and to visit my father in the cemetery. I cried for all the years that I never cried. I was 16 years old again fighting the anger that I had inside. My hands were sweating driving the streets of Haiti. Bringing back all of these memories was just like someone stabbing my heart with a sharp knife.

With my Father Albert Frederique in Africa

After that week long trip, I felt so good. I had released all of the tears I was holding on to for so long. I still cry today because I miss him so much. But my tears today are tears of joy. Tears of celebration of being his daughter.

It Doesn't Get Better Overtime

Friends and Family would tell me that it would get better overtime. It got worst. As I continued my life accomplishing huge milestones, I would cry even harder. Graduating from College, graduating from Grad school, getting married, giving birth, accepting a huge promotion at work....none of these events were easy for me.

I wanted to share them with him. Hear his thoughts. See him smile, cry, congratulate me, and walk me down the aisle.

The older I get the harder it gets. But today, I decided to switch my mindset and instead I choose to smile when I think of the things he would say to me when big moments in my life happen.

Who You Surround Yourself With is Vital

Put God first and the ones that love you and care for your well being most next.

I realized over the years that it is not about quantity but instead it is about the quality of the people around me that matters most. The vibration of the energy in the Universe does not lie.

When I decided to let God take control of my life, my circle of friends got very small and God edited down the people that were important to my growth and the ones that were not.

Today, as I continue to live this life, I am thankful and grateful for the new relationships that God has created for me and the ones that have stayed from day 1. Without them, I don't know that I would be able to have the strength nor the will to start a business, be a mom, a wife and work a full time job. Every time I feel like breaking down, I have someone texting me, emailing me or calling me without me even reaching out.

Surround yourself with the ones that care for you the most. Period.

You Will Feel Better When You Celebrate

When I reminisce about my father, I reminisce the good times. The moments when he made me laugh. The times that he thaught me something. When I celebrate him, I feel his spirit alive and I know that he is manifesting in everything that I do. I used to look at old pictures and cry. Now I smile and I can hear his voice when I see his pictures around the house and on my desk at work.

With my Father Albert Frederique

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

What we feel is what we get. I used to want to associate all of my failures and obstacles because of what had happened to me in Haiti during those 2 nights.

I chose not to feel pity anymore and instead, God has thaught me that what happened in my life was needed for my personal growth and I accepted this rule. I no longer feel sorry for myself and I don't one anyone else to feel sorry for me.

My desk At work with pictures of my dad and kids

All and all, we all have a story deep inside that is untold. I chose to tell you mine in hopes to inspire you to conquer your pain and to put God first. The strength and passion that I have today is only because of what happened to me. I have accepted this and I am proud of it. I thank God for making me go through what I went though and building me up to be able to now publicly share my story.

Take your obstacles as blessings. I know it is hard to believe, but trust me, it is the best thing you could ever do for yourself. Today, I feel light, I feel stronger, I feel armed and ready to live my life to the fullest until I get to meet my daddy again and chat all about it.

Thank You Chrystelle Bouchereau, Vanessa Chery-Mellon, Dena Lancry, Elizabeth Memnon Desgrottes, Alexandra Outten, Allysha Canter, Daphne Valerius, Sherry Swan, Kara Vaval Ferrier for always checking up on me, sending me positive vibes and giving me that extra push when I don't even look for it.  Thank You to my husband, Fitzreynold Cadet for being patient with me in understanding what I went through and healing me.  Thank You to my kids, my sisters and my mom for always reminding me that I am here for a reason.  Thank You to my cousin, Fabienne Jean-Baptiste Leger and Cousin-in-law aka my BFF Vanessa Thezan Leger for always finding the time to connect no matter the distance. Thank You my Lord for giving me the strength to be able to type this post and finally express the core reason why I am heading the direction that I am heading because I chose to surrender to HIS love and obey.

I tend to look too close to the mirror sometimes and if it wasn't for these souls I would not have it in me to care about living after this tragedy. Today I am free and I am stronger.

Social Media Personal Life and Social Media Business Life: How To Balance Both?

Most people use social media for searching, not only socializing. I am pretty sure that if you do not have all social media platforms Apps that exist today on your phone, you at least have 1. I asked myself earlier this year and shared on one of my Facebook Live (video is at the end of the post) how important it is to balance your lives on social media.  Social Media is part of our daily life but you must know how to balance your personal and professional lives within it in my opinion to avoid social media peer pressure.


Without a doubt, joining social media platforms is the best way to connect with others.  Social media networking sites spread information faster than any other media. People use social media as a number one communication tool, but choosing the right channel is critical and it all depends on what you are looking to extract from it at the end of the day.

There is a huge difference between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc....So, how do you use Social media platforms? To Decide which social media channel will best serve you, I've identified which platform that can integrate your personal life or your business life the best.



  • Best Social Media Platform for your business

By far, Facebook is one of my favorite social media outlets because it helps you clearly separate your business from your personal life.  Earlier this year, I decided to keep my Facebook FanPage as my business Facebook page as it should be.  I used to share my Facebook Fanpage posts to my personal Facebook page to gain awareness in the beginning and decided to stop.  I figured if my connected Facebook friends are interested in my business brand, they will like and engage straight from my Facebook fan page. No need to double dip here and waste the energy on my side.


  • Best Social Media Platform for your personal life

That is only if you keep track of it.  What I mean by that is, you need to ensure that you connect with real people.  The last thing you want to happen to you is to be Facebook friends not so real friends. People you would generally not deal with on a regular basis.  I have taken the time to unfriend A LOT of people. I still have an entire list to go through. Just haven't been so active lately. In my opinion, Facebook should connect you with your family and closest friends. People you'd actually call or email directly at least once a year.



  • Best Social Media Platform for your business

I am so surprise when I meet small businesses and find out that they are not on Pinterest.  This is by far one of the best social media outlets that will give you the converted traffic that you need for your website  hands down.  As long as you do  it the right way that is. The part I like the most is that Pinterest is able to connect you with organic followers that are really interested in your niche.  It's really great!


  • Best Social Media Platform for your personal life

If you are creative, love to decorate, experience DIYs and more, there is no reason why you should not be on Pinterest. You can find so many ideas and create boards that you collaborate with others with pinned images that you like.  Pinterest to me is the visual Google social media platform for all things creative and inspirational.



  • Best Social Media Platform for your business

Twitter is not dead.  If you are in business, I would strongly suggest that you stay active there.  I have interacted with Target, Home Depot and many other major brands on Twitter.  Unlike Instagram, when you tag a brand, the response from them on Twitter I find is quicker and more engaging. 


  • Best Social Media Platform for your personal life

I probably would of had a twitter account if I did not have a business.  It is a good platform to share current events, discussions and have a more close and personal interaction with the brands you appreciate the most.



  • Best Social Media Platform for your business

I have to be honest. I completely underestimated LinkedIn.  I've been in the Corporate world for over a decade and when I started my business I never looked at LinkedIn as a social media platform to use.  While Instagram gives you the most opportunity to reach potential customers, LinkedIn on the other hand connects like minded businesses within your niche.  LinkedIn is the virtual way to attend a business networking event in my opinion.


  • Worse Social Media Platform for your personal life

LinkedIn is all about business.  I would strongly not recommend to post pictures of you and your friends at a basketball game or any of that sort.  If you are not using it as a business, you are most likely using LinkedIn because you are looking for a job.  So, keep it professional in there.



  • Best Social Media Platform for your personal life only if....

You use it the right way.  If I was not in business, I probably would of had a private Instagram account and would of been following brands that I like to find out about their new products, special promotions and/or get inspiration.  I would probably not have anyone following me as I would most likely never post. Just like Pinterest you can curate and collect all of your favorite posts into collections. I've created collection with food photo ideas, landscape design ideas and much more.


  • Best Social Media Platform for your business

Instagram is the best place for businesses to be.  It is an advertising vehicle and promotional magnet.  Because of the strong visual/photos, businesses can grow their engagements tremendously and turn followers into real customers.  You will find a plethora of articles online discussing the science behind Instagram best social media marketing strategies, from using the right hashtags to boosting your engagement.


Kaderique Digital Content Creator

Create a social media platform that integrates who you are and what your intentions are.  If you are a business, create a Facebook Fan Page and create a Business Instagram account.  If you are in it for total entertainment and connecting with amazing communities by all means engage and share your personal likings with friends and family.  Otherwise, avoid social media all together if you are not sure how to manage how to use it and separate personal vs business activities.


Are you a lifestyle fashion, travel, fitness or food blogger? A photographer, inspiring Artist or Social influencer? Leave the Instagram engagement boost up to me and worry about pushing more content.  Get busy elevating your brand while I take care of your Instagram engagement and direct truly organic likes and genuine comments to boost up your visibility to potential brands and customers.  

For My Business Readers: 

A Stripe Blouse Effortless Outfit

My style is very versatile but when I am out an about and need to wear something easy yet fashion friendly, I either have my Little Black Dress to the rescue, wear All Red or I throw on a black and white look. Check out this previous post I did with my black and white sweater dress here.  

If you are afraid of prints, I think trying to style pinstripes is the safe way to go.  I styled my pinstripes blouse with a colored blazer.  Think about it, any color over black and white stripes will be fantastic.  It gives you a classic and stylish look. Try it! Get some inspiration from my Pinterest board too! 

Would love to hear your thoughts. Do you agree that it is a wardrobe essential?

Whimsy Fashion Has a Graphic Tee For You!

The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people
— Randy Pausch

When you stand alone with an idea and you believe in your purpose, it is hard to accept that not everyone will understand you.  The push back or unexpected lack of support will want to break your heart into a million pieces.

I have encountered people that have misunderstood me or used me for their own purpose.  At the same time, I have been fortunate to have God bring me the right people to be around me.

At the end of the day I say: "Je ne regrette rien" which means in French I regret nothing.  This graphic tee caught my attention when I was browsing through all the amazing inspirational shirts on Whimsy Fashion's website. 

 Click  HERE  to SHOP this Tee. Enter code: MARTINE25 to save!

Click HERE to SHOP this Tee. Enter code: MARTINE25 to save!

This is the one I selected but trust me, you will find just the right inspirational graphic t-shirt that fits who you are.  I've worn mine a couple of times already and random people have asked me what the saying meant.  It is truly a conversation piece not to mention totally trend right.

Whimsy Fashion has partnered with me to offer you 25% off your entire purchase! How exciting is that?! This offer expires on 4/2.  Visit the website, make your selection and take advantage of this amazing saving.

With all that is going on in our world, everyone's priority is to make a statement.  Remember, fashion is Art and you are the canvas.  You can style your graphic tee for a casual look like I did or dress it up if you wanted by pairing it with a beautiful pencil skirt and heels for example.  Either way, it's a great way to inspire others and bring awareness to whatever that is important to you.

European Retailer Primark Opens in Staten Island, NY

I love fashion a lot and I love it more when it is not expensive.  I am a very active buyer and seller on Poshmark which I talked about on my business blog. But when Refinery29 reached out to me to come check out the new Primark location in Staten Island, New York I was so excited! Why? Well because when I visited the website I could not believe the prices and the offerings!

Primark is all about fast fashion.  Primark is a European clothing chain. Now they decided to hit the States and let me tell you this is a REVOLUTION!!!! Now it's all about Primark USA.

This is my Navy look. All by Primark, including my heels.  Top: $17, Pants: $17 and Heels: $10. Yes this total outfit cost me less than $50!!!!! Do you like it? I am sure your first question is: How is the quality? My answer: Very good.  

Martine Cadet Lifestyle Blogger Styling Primark Outfit
Martine Cadet Lifestyle Blogger Styling Primark Outfit
Martine Cadet Lifestyle Blogger Styling Primark Outfit
Martine Cadet Lifestyle Blogger Styling Primark Outfit

You cannot purchase online. You can look up but must go to a Primark store to buy.  The inventory is always changing. If you find one style expect to see it in like 5 different colors.  There's something for the entire family, You will find beauty and even home decor items. 

Martine Cadet Lifestyle Blogger at Primark in Staten Island New York

I have so many more outfits to share........I love me some Primark

Style Collective Sisters Help Each Other Succeed

It's been 3 years since I decided to jump and just start.  I've met incredible entrepreneurs throughout the way and I cannot tell you what a ride it has been.

The one thing I can assure you that I have learned during all this time and still today is that you absolutely CANNOT do it alone.  There is only a handful of people unfortunately that understand this.  I say it all the time: Creativity has no Competition.  But the truth is, you will sadly find "One Hit Wonders" along the way when it comes to building a business. 

It is critical, in my opinion, that if you are an entrepreneur you must seek 3 things:
1. Support
2. Mentoring
3. Resources

I am delighted to share with you the one community that has given me just that.  

Style Collective is a group of like minded women that are in it to win it together.  Did you hear that? TO-GE-THER! yes that is correct.  

 Photo Credits:  Boris Shabovta

Photo Credits: Boris Shabovta

My SC Sisters are the best.  We support one another, empower each other and just enjoy being able to share the same challenges when it comes to building our brands.

 Fabulous Blogger Jenny and I sharing a warm hug! Love Her check out her blog www.jennythevoice.com - Photo Credits:  Boris Shabovta

Fabulous Blogger Jenny and I sharing a warm hug! Love Her check out her blog www.jennythevoice.com - Photo Credits: Boris Shabovta

Style Collective is filled with amazing resources.  Everything you ever needed to know about making your blogging passion a real business is all in there.  There is so much to take in. It's really amazing and I am loving every minute of it.

 With my style collective sister and amazing personal stylist  Susan  Photo Credits:  Boris Shabovta

With my style collective sister and amazing personal stylist Susan Photo Credits: Boris Shabovta

I have made so many genuine friendships and I cannot tell you how excited I am to continue to grow up with my sisters!

During NYFW, my SC sisters and I had an amazing time at some of the shows, at our amazing dinner at TAO Downtown in NYC and got to jingle and mingle a little more at our fabulous Sunday Brunch. 

You too you can apply to join this community.  By clicking HERE you will be re-directed to enter your information and give your blogging a chance of a lifetime. You cannot do it alone.  Apply today and I hope to see you as my new sister soon! 

Obsessed Over Fishnet

So the honest truth is that I don't generally follow ALL the fashion trends.  When I noticed the fishnet trend rising up during fall and well and alive now, I figured why not.  It's truly an edgy look and I love to try all types of styles. I gave it a try and I'm not disappointed.  It's not your typical tights to wear definitely. Very awkward to put on.  But I find that this 80s/90s style is actually pretty fun.  It was all over the runways at NYFW and I'm sure it will be spotted through the Spring/Summer season all the way to Fall. I only found my pair at a funky/punk small shop at my local mall.  My belief is that it won't be long until major retailers such as Target, H&M etc...will start carrying them in all types of colors and sizes. For now, here are some inspiration here, here and here to help you figure out how you're going to style this accessory. Follow my Pinterest board HERE as well for more fun ideas! 

I styled mine when I went to the coterie show earlier this week to shop for my online boutique. I had my fabulous Wife Mom Boss Tote Check it out HERE

Have you tried wearing these yet? Will you?

Spring Fashion Must Have!

Have you been enjoying the warm weather lately? Warm air and sunny days got me so excited about Spring. We are getting rid of these heavy coats soon got me really anxious about what to add, remove from my closet.

Let's just say, I think off-the-shoulder if anything will not go anywhere this season.  This fashion fever from 2016 is well and is living. What to expect this Spring? More 70's inspired details in my opinion such as these bell shaped sleeves on this Guess dress I am happily styling.  

You will never fail with florals in the Spring too. So make sure you don't get rid of your flower print blouses, dresses and all.  Just think of of giving them a fresh look with some pink. Blush is the color this season. I've seen it paired with gray and I love it! I am making a statement with my look wearing my handmade Spring collection Kaderique Necklace and pom pom earrings in sage and a really soft pink lip gloss.  

I finished the look wearing knee high faux suede open toe boots. A similar pair is available here. I wore this dress this weekend to attend the Kami Cosmetics Mix and Mingle event and received lots of complements.  

Spring is here!!!!!

ShopStyle: Where Fashion Always Happens!

OMG can you tell how excited I was from this cheesy smile!? LOL! First of all, the weather was decent after the crazy freezing blizzard we had.. that made me smile...plus...I was at the Shopstyle NYFW Social House event!!!! 

A house full of stylish Bloggers, refreshments, makeup and hair touchups, and the best part?! Shopping!! I've had My ShopStyle link on my blog in like forever and I knew walking into this event I would be finding fabulous Fashion! and-I-DID...and-I-Shopped, had my makeup done, met some friends....Just fabulous.

ShopStyle is where Fashion lives ladies and ...gents.  Yes, my guy readers go to MY ShopStyle link here and find what you've been looking for!

I had the opportunity to shop/rent pieces for a few days. I actually styled what I selected here. Oh and by the way, I wore one of my boutique items to this event! I love this dress so much. You can shop it here.

While you are here, check out how fabulous Fashion Blogger Deb styled this dress too! She is absolutely gorgeous in it and you can be too!!!!

Wearing Ties to the Office!

Who says a mommy can't look chic when she goes to work? Who says a woman can't wear a tie? I love fashion, I am a mom, a corporate employee and an entrepreneur all at the same time but that does not mean I should give up on ME! When I look for fashion, I look for simple and basic pieces yet pieces that create a statement. The tie waist and neckline makes the entire look classy and corporate ready.

What I love with the Milly slouchy pant is the elastic waist. They are so comfy and easy to put on.  A perfect fit that smooths the tummy, hips, thighs and rear. I love the wide legs too! [shop it here

I paired it with a feminine silk Iris and Ink blouse.  The bow tie along the front and buttoned cuffs gives a complete look that can go from the office to after-hours with ease, polish and style. [shop it here]

It's still cold outside A coat and a pair of boots are not leaving their closet space yet!  I chose to style my corporate chic look with a faux suede peep toe booties [shop it here]and throw on a black trench coat [shop it here]

3 Easy and Quick Breakfast Ideas

Being a mom, working a day job and a business makes my time valuable.  I have to constantly think strategically on how I spend my day.  The morning rush during the week as you can imagine is crazy.  Getting the kids ready for school and me heading to work.  Staying up late working on the business, I hardly can wake up! 

I used to just load on coffee and get on with my day until such time.  Not anymore.  Since I quit my intake of brewed coffee and replaced it with Chai Tea I have found 3 ways to make quick and easy breakfast meals in the morning to start my day.


You can eat your eggs in many ways, but boiling is a simple way to create a healthy snack that can be taken on the go.
— Livingstrong.com

There are great benefits in eating hard boiled eggs.  Livingstrong.com talks the many benefits of eating hard boiled eggs.  Great for the eyes, nails, hair, has weight benefits and is good for your eyes.   You can read the article here.  I love to have mine with fresh avocado and toast.


Why shop at your local shop already made yogurt parfait when you can make your own at home. I love greek yogurt and I mix it with my own oats and fruits for the perfect healthy parfait. You get a good dose of protein, calcium, potassium and much more.  Check out this article about the health benefits of yogurt via WebMd here.


One of my kids favorites too! 3 minutes maximum preparation, these instant packs are always in my purse or in my desk drawer at work.  These are fantastic. A powerful antioxidant, oats should be part of your diet I would suggest.  This article here talks about all the great health benefits of this grain.

So what are your favorite quick breakfast ideas? Are any of my 3 yours? A good healthy breakfast in the morning is key. Make sure you have it planned in your daily routine!

Why I Braid my Hair

I treat my hair as my favorite accessory.  I love styling it differently depending on the season.  

It's winter, cold and rainy I figured it's the best time to have it braided.

I decided to take a slightly different direction this time. I picked a hair extension with some color and went shorter than I've ever done before.

Took about 3 to 4 hours from start to finish and will probably last me close to 2 months. By Spring it will be a new hair style once again! 


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