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3 Easy and Quick Breakfast Ideas

Being a mom, working a day job and a business makes my time valuable.  I have to constantly think strategically on how I spend my day.  The morning rush during the week as you can imagine is crazy.  Getting the kids ready for school and me heading to work.  Staying up late working on the business, I hardly can wake up! 

I used to just load on coffee and get on with my day until such time.  Not anymore.  Since I quit my intake of brewed coffee and replaced it with Chai Tea I have found 3 ways to make quick and easy breakfast meals in the morning to start my day.


You can eat your eggs in many ways, but boiling is a simple way to create a healthy snack that can be taken on the go.
— Livingstrong.com

There are great benefits in eating hard boiled eggs.  Livingstrong.com talks the many benefits of eating hard boiled eggs.  Great for the eyes, nails, hair, has weight benefits and is good for your eyes.   You can read the article here.  I love to have mine with fresh avocado and toast.


Why shop at your local shop already made yogurt parfait when you can make your own at home. I love greek yogurt and I mix it with my own oats and fruits for the perfect healthy parfait. You get a good dose of protein, calcium, potassium and much more.  Check out this article about the health benefits of yogurt via WebMd here.


One of my kids favorites too! 3 minutes maximum preparation, these instant packs are always in my purse or in my desk drawer at work.  These are fantastic. A powerful antioxidant, oats should be part of your diet I would suggest.  This article here talks about all the great health benefits of this grain.

So what are your favorite quick breakfast ideas? Are any of my 3 yours? A good healthy breakfast in the morning is key. Make sure you have it planned in your daily routine!

I had to Quit Coffee

I've been suffering from chronic headaches and really painful cramping during ovulation. My doctor has been telling me to decrease my intake of caffeine as a result to help alleviate these issues. I never took action until now.

I started drinking coffee back in college. Rushing to the bus to make it on time to class.  Needed another cup mid day to get me through work.  You name it. I would drink coffee like it was my life saver. 

Now that I haven't had my caffeine fix drinking 5 cups of coffee for the past couple of days, I am realizing that it was all about how I was perceiving what it was doing to me.  Felt like "peer pressure" in a way. To me.  Don't get me wrong, I love the smell of fresh ground coffee early in the morning. But other than that, it does not really do much.

I spent 2 days researching online how I could take this habit out of my lifestyle and I remembered having Chai Tea in India for the first time for breakfast and falling in love with it. I know you must be thinking, really Martine, where have you been living all this time and you never knew about Chai Tea?!?!? Well, the truth is I knew about it but I perceived it like another blend tea.

I was completely wrong.  It is the best decision I have ever made.  The spices, the smell ...awakes the same senses coffee did to me.  I went crazy in the supermarket looking for the best Chai Tea. I even went to my local Indian spice market to find just the perfect one.

I found out that Chai Tea does have caffeine. However you would have to drink 3 cups to replace the same intake of caffeine you'd get in a single cup of coffee. Pretty amazing right?

I brew mine 5 to 6 minutes.  Yes, I like it that strong.  It's my new cup that gets me going in the morning and I no longer have a mid day caffeine fix need.

You too you can decrease your intake of coffee caffeine.  Any spicy tea such as perpermit or any Black tea such as Chai tea like I did are great options.

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