Breakfast in Bed with The Staycationers at The Garret East in New York City

A grown up slumber party! yes, that's what it was all about at The Garrett in New York City last Sunday.  Pajamas was the mandatory #ootd and it was really fun to see how fashionistas pulled together their looks. The Staycationers is the travel editorial series founded by Céline Bossart with the partnership of Taste The Style. It is such an amazing platform. 

At first, I was thinking of just wearing my regular pajamas but than decided to take a shopping trip to my local Marshalls to see what I could find. I was not disappointed at all. I found a cute pajama set for  $20. The polka dot pants paired nicely with my $16 stripe robe.  

I enjoyed some good booze and tasty bagels with a group of influencers, tastemakers and trendsetters.  Had a super cute makeover by Nomi Beauty and enjoyed some really good music. Now, let's not forget the most important part of the party! The Bed!!!! I loved the gray bedding by Loomstead. Super soft.  It was the best photobooth ever! Everyone was just so creative once they got on that bed! Every moment was captured by amazing Photographers Noa Griffel and Meredith Truax

 Photo Credits:  Noa Griffel  IG:  @noagriffel

Photo Credits: Noa Griffel IG: @noagriffel

 Photo Credits:  The Styled D'affaire  |  Christina Grasso  -  Jenny Albright  -  Martine Cadet

Photo Credits: The Styled D'affaire | Christina Grasso - Jenny Albright -  Martine Cadet

 Photo Credits:  The Styled D'affaire

Photo Credits: The Styled D'affaire

 Photo Credits:  The Styled D'affaire

Photo Credits: The Styled D'affaire

 Photo Credits:  The Styled D'affaire

Photo Credits: The Styled D'affaire

 Photo Credits:  Noa Griffel  IG:  @noagriffel

Photo Credits: Noa Griffel IG: @noagriffel

 Photo Credits:  Noa Griffel  IG:  @noagriffel

Photo Credits: Noa Griffel IG: @noagriffel

 Photo Credits:  The Styled D'affaire

Photo Credits: The Styled D'affaire

 Photo Credits:  Noa Griffel  IG:  @noagriffel

Photo Credits: Noa Griffel IG: @noagriffel

 Photo Credits:  Noa Griffel  IG:  @noagriffel  |  C É L I N E  

Photo Credits: Noa Griffel IG: @noagriffel | C É L I N E 

Until next time, I am making sure that my bed is as comfy as this one was!

 Photo Credits:  The Styled D'affaire

Photo Credits: The Styled D'affaire





Niche-Elle New York: Fashion Design Esthetic Strikes a Balance Between Classic and Demure Sophistication with a Chic and Edgy Brooklyn New York City roots

 Niche-Elle New York is a ready-to-wear and custom made-to-order women's wear and accessories brand that captures the spirit of couture by combining unique designs with superior craftsmanship and flawless fit. Niche-Elle New York speaks to the sophisticated, elegant, feminine, classy woman. Niche-Elle New York esthetic strikes a balance between classic and demure sophistication with a chic and edgy Brooklyn New York City roots all at the same time. When you are dressed with this brand, I can guarantee you that you will walk out the room and will sure be remembered.

I first encountered this brand in 2016 when I met Founder, Head Designer and Technical Development Director Latesha Richards. She is personally committed to creating stylish, expertly cut fashion to fit a woman's body.Latesha is a technical patternmaker by trade and has a strong eye for detail. 

When Richards suggested that I wear her exclusive pieces, I was thrilled. In 2 separate occasions, I had the opportunity to pick up my Niche-Elle NY exclusive outfits and looked Fabulous! Her collections introduce a mix of timeless sophistication with bold and innovative fashion. 

Latesha Richard's has launched at New York Fashion Week for 2 seasons already since I initially met her and her brand Niche-Elle New York is well on its way to hit the celebrity red carpets for sure. This brand belongs in Neiman Marcus, name it! And I know it won't be long until you see this brand in high fashion magazine as well.You can totally own your pieces as well. Follow the brand on Instagram and visit the site Niche-Elle New York. 


📸credits to @kobyjovel

I personally love a classic wrap dress but when Designer Latesha Richards showed me the fabric that she had picked for me to create my garment I was in a complete aww moment.You can never go wrong with animal print and adding the simple sophistication of a drop front line and a gorgeous belt, it did it for me. 


How about this Cape set? So elegant and classic.I love the hardware details on the skirt and the gray tone makes the entire outfit super tailored and rich.It is a great look for a business casual night out. 


It is truly an honor for me to have the opportunity to share with you exclusive Designers making their ways into the Fashion industry.As a Digital Media Influencer, that is my mission always which is to genuinely showcase creative talent that you might have not had the opportunity to encounter II All opinions shared in this post are my honest review of Niche-Elle New York products and services. 



A Stripe Blouse Effortless Outfit

My style is very versatile but when I am out an about and need to wear something easy yet fashion friendly, I either have my Little Black Dress to the rescue, wear All Red or I throw on a black and white look. Check out this previous post I did with my black and white sweater dress here.  

If you are afraid of prints, I think trying to style pinstripes is the safe way to go.  I styled my pinstripes blouse with a colored blazer.  Think about it, any color over black and white stripes will be fantastic.  It gives you a classic and stylish look. Try it! Get some inspiration from my Pinterest board too! 

Would love to hear your thoughts. Do you agree that it is a wardrobe essential?

Whimsy Fashion Has a Graphic Tee For You!

The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people
— Randy Pausch

When you stand alone with an idea and you believe in your purpose, it is hard to accept that not everyone will understand you.  The push back or unexpected lack of support will want to break your heart into a million pieces.

I have encountered people that have misunderstood me or used me for their own purpose.  At the same time, I have been fortunate to have God bring me the right people to be around me.

At the end of the day I say: "Je ne regrette rien" which means in French I regret nothing.  This graphic tee caught my attention when I was browsing through all the amazing inspirational shirts on Whimsy Fashion's website. 

 Click  HERE  to SHOP this Tee. Enter code: MARTINE25 to save!

Click HERE to SHOP this Tee. Enter code: MARTINE25 to save!

This is the one I selected but trust me, you will find just the right inspirational graphic t-shirt that fits who you are.  I've worn mine a couple of times already and random people have asked me what the saying meant.  It is truly a conversation piece not to mention totally trend right.

Whimsy Fashion has partnered with me to offer you 25% off your entire purchase! How exciting is that?! This offer expires on 4/2.  Visit the website, make your selection and take advantage of this amazing saving.

With all that is going on in our world, everyone's priority is to make a statement.  Remember, fashion is Art and you are the canvas.  You can style your graphic tee for a casual look like I did or dress it up if you wanted by pairing it with a beautiful pencil skirt and heels for example.  Either way, it's a great way to inspire others and bring awareness to whatever that is important to you.

European Retailer Primark Opens in Staten Island, NY

I love fashion a lot and I love it more when it is not expensive.  I am a very active buyer and seller on Poshmark which I talked about on my business blog. But when Refinery29 reached out to me to come check out the new Primark location in Staten Island, New York I was so excited! Why? Well because when I visited the website I could not believe the prices and the offerings!

Primark is all about fast fashion.  Primark is a European clothing chain. Now they decided to hit the States and let me tell you this is a REVOLUTION!!!! Now it's all about Primark USA.

This is my Navy look. All by Primark, including my heels.  Top: $17, Pants: $17 and Heels: $10. Yes this total outfit cost me less than $50!!!!! Do you like it? I am sure your first question is: How is the quality? My answer: Very good.  

Martine Cadet Lifestyle Blogger Styling Primark Outfit
Martine Cadet Lifestyle Blogger Styling Primark Outfit
Martine Cadet Lifestyle Blogger Styling Primark Outfit
Martine Cadet Lifestyle Blogger Styling Primark Outfit

You cannot purchase online. You can look up but must go to a Primark store to buy.  The inventory is always changing. If you find one style expect to see it in like 5 different colors.  There's something for the entire family, You will find beauty and even home decor items. 

Martine Cadet Lifestyle Blogger at Primark in Staten Island New York

I have so many more outfits to share........I love me some Primark

NYC Fashion Designer Tiffany Toussaint Presents Le Grande Mascarade


Le Jardin Enchanté was the theme at the last NYFW collection by Tiffany Toussaint. This season, the festivities embodied an evening of elegance.   As a Content Creator, I personally enjoy seeing other creatives building on their crafts.

From the food to the drinks, every detail represented style and sophistication. Fashion Designer Tiffany Toussaint's collections of evening gowns were breathtaking.  Trendy lace and sheer fabrics were all on the runway in an array of rich colors.  Many of the long flowing dresses had standing ovations from the audience.  30 fantastic looks in 3 segmented presentations were revealed. 

If it is wedding season or even prom season or any other special occasion that you may have coming up, I would strongly recommend that you visit Tiffany Toussaint's website here and reach out for your custom gown or even plan ahead for your New Year's Eve look! 



Obsessed Over Fishnet

So the honest truth is that I don't generally follow ALL the fashion trends.  When I noticed the fishnet trend rising up during fall and well and alive now, I figured why not.  It's truly an edgy look and I love to try all types of styles. I gave it a try and I'm not disappointed.  It's not your typical tights to wear definitely. Very awkward to put on.  But I find that this 80s/90s style is actually pretty fun.  It was all over the runways at NYFW and I'm sure it will be spotted through the Spring/Summer season all the way to Fall. I only found my pair at a funky/punk small shop at my local mall.  My belief is that it won't be long until major retailers such as Target, H&M etc...will start carrying them in all types of colors and sizes. For now, here are some inspiration here, here and here to help you figure out how you're going to style this accessory. Follow my Pinterest board HERE as well for more fun ideas! 

I styled mine when I went to the coterie show earlier this week to shop for my online boutique. I had my fabulous Wife Mom Boss Tote Check it out HERE

Have you tried wearing these yet? Will you?

Spring Fashion Must Have!

Have you been enjoying the warm weather lately? Warm air and sunny days got me so excited about Spring. We are getting rid of these heavy coats soon got me really anxious about what to add, remove from my closet.

Let's just say, I think off-the-shoulder if anything will not go anywhere this season.  This fashion fever from 2016 is well and is living. What to expect this Spring? More 70's inspired details in my opinion such as these bell shaped sleeves on this Guess dress I am happily styling.  

You will never fail with florals in the Spring too. So make sure you don't get rid of your flower print blouses, dresses and all.  Just think of of giving them a fresh look with some pink. Blush is the color this season. I've seen it paired with gray and I love it! I am making a statement with my look wearing my handmade Spring collection Kaderique Necklace and pom pom earrings in sage and a really soft pink lip gloss.  

I finished the look wearing knee high faux suede open toe boots. A similar pair is available here. I wore this dress this weekend to attend the Kami Cosmetics Mix and Mingle event and received lots of complements.  

Spring is here!!!!!

ShopStyle: Where Fashion Always Happens!

OMG can you tell how excited I was from this cheesy smile!? LOL! First of all, the weather was decent after the crazy freezing blizzard we had.. that made me was at the Shopstyle NYFW Social House event!!!! 

A house full of stylish Bloggers, refreshments, makeup and hair touchups, and the best part?! Shopping!! I've had My ShopStyle link on my blog in like forever and I knew walking into this event I would be finding fabulous Fashion! and-I-DID...and-I-Shopped, had my makeup done, met some friends....Just fabulous.

ShopStyle is where Fashion lives ladies and ...gents.  Yes, my guy readers go to MY ShopStyle link here and find what you've been looking for!

I had the opportunity to shop/rent pieces for a few days. I actually styled what I selected here. Oh and by the way, I wore one of my boutique items to this event! I love this dress so much. You can shop it here.

While you are here, check out how fabulous Fashion Blogger Deb styled this dress too! She is absolutely gorgeous in it and you can be too!!!!

"Modesty is Fashionable" - Tashee inc.

Faith and modesty are the main key components for the overall clothing designs, but innovation and creativity are excessively invested in each garment.
— Tashee inc.

Tashee is couture.  Brooklyn based Designer Natasha Lambkin created the Modesty Movement to gather a community of women from all walks of life, cultural background and offer them an array of stunning modest garments that will make them standout in a faithful fashion way.  Tashee's woman is Artsy, Classy, Business, and/or Fashion. What they all have in common? They are all stepping in and walking their life with faith. 

The sophistication and elegance of Tashee's designs is what attracted me the most when I first saw the garments down the runway at last season's NYFW.  The pieces are tailored to fit any body type, size and height.  


Remarkable comfort, sewn to a standard of perfection, Tashee's designs are clothes that will make you look good as you feel.

Tashee recently relaunched the brand with new fabulous fashion and sleek style pieces.  The crowd was enthusiastic. Studio 17 Bushwick was the perfect location for this private intimate gathering.


You can pre-order your garment straight from the website. Custom orders are welcome.

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; 10But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.
— 1 Thimothy :9-10

Check out how I styled my Tashee Tulip Jump Suit for NYFW!

Wearing Ties to the Office!

Who says a mommy can't look chic when she goes to work? Who says a woman can't wear a tie? I love fashion, I am a mom, a corporate employee and an entrepreneur all at the same time but that does not mean I should give up on ME! When I look for fashion, I look for simple and basic pieces yet pieces that create a statement. The tie waist and neckline makes the entire look classy and corporate ready.

What I love with the Milly slouchy pant is the elastic waist. They are so comfy and easy to put on.  A perfect fit that smooths the tummy, hips, thighs and rear. I love the wide legs too! [shop it here

I paired it with a feminine silk Iris and Ink blouse.  The bow tie along the front and buttoned cuffs gives a complete look that can go from the office to after-hours with ease, polish and style. [shop it here]

It's still cold outside A coat and a pair of boots are not leaving their closet space yet!  I chose to style my corporate chic look with a faux suede peep toe booties [shop it here]and throw on a black trench coat [shop it here]

The Old Has Gone, The New is Here- 2 Corinthians 5:17

Another year has gone by guys can you believe it? I honestly can't.

It's funny how I remember when I was a child thinking that adults were crazy when they said time flies. I just didn't get it. Now I truly do. 

Where ever you are in your life right now, this is the rebirth time. This is the time everyone sets goals and resolutions. But let's be honest here, how many of us do actually go back mid year to check our progress? 

Life just has a way of turning itself around that no one can really predict what the future will bring us. All you can do is continue to be the best that you can in all that you do.

Remove everything that is you feel is toxic.

I know it's hard to do especially with social media and all that is on TV. BUT you can control that. If it makes you feel a certain type of way when you scroll down your feed...UNFRIEND...UNFOLLOW or just DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT. Like and follow accounts that fulfill you not destroy you.  I did and it feels AMAZING.

Count your blessings. 

Listen. No one is perfect. What you have that you think bothers you is what someone else wants. Everyday be thankful and grateful for what you have because in less than a split second it could all be gone. I have been through this in my lifetime.  Lost many that were close to me. It is hard to accept I know. But you have to move on, look around and say THANK YOU!

Stop comparing yourself to others

Trust me I know you do. I've done it but decided to stop.  My life is my own. It's evolving at the rate that it is because it's mine. Own yours. Be accountable for it. Why should you idolize anyone else but yourself? What good will that do to you? You are unique.  People will come and go in your life but the ones that are loyal will remain.

Everyday should be a fresh start. Not just because it is a new year.  Everyday when you take a fresh breath of air, remember all that you have.  My father used to tell me: "There are no problems that exist. There are solutions to problems". Put your God first. Whatever your religion beliefs are, praise it.  The Universe is greater than us. 

I wish you lots of health, success, love, security, support, loyal friends and eyes to open your heart.

Thank you for being with me all along and if you are just joining me? Thank you for that. I am truly blessed to know that there is something in me that inspires and sparks certain Je ne sais quoi in your soul.

Thanks Loves!





Cozy and Comfy Poncho

Fall. My favorite part of the year! Not too cold, not too warm. Just right. When I was selecting products for the shop and saw this oversized pancho, I was concerned that most would think it would be too big.  I have to say, who does not love a cozy, oversized, blanket like, oversized scarf wrapped around!?!?!?! The fabrication is so soft and the fringes make it so trendy.  Add a belt for a different look. Here I have it with an all black dress and tights.  The Floppy Hat finishes the look. Hope you like it as much as I did when I saw it.  I included links to my shop where you can buy it too! Thanks guys!!!

Jord® Watches are Timeless...

I don't know that you can really nail down on my style.  I am a little bit of everything but I guess you can call me transitional? I love to mix modern and traditional together but I really try to keep at least one classic, timeless piece in the mix.  

I have hard wood dark stain floors all over my house yet a modern green suede couch in my living room but you will find a traditional upholstered bed frame in my bedroom. In my closet, a mix of modern platform shoes next to classic Mary Jane's.

A watch is something that you wear all the time.  You need it to be practical yet stylish with pretty much everything that you wear. It was honestly very hard to choose my Jord® watch but when I saw  The Fieldcrest series Dark Sandalwood It was like seeing my wedding dress for the first time.  I knew it was the one! lol!  It's gorgeous on their website but let me tell you, in person? even better.  This watch is perfect for the season right now but I can see styling it in the Spring or Summer. It's lightweight, very well crafted...A timeless piece....a Classic. I am very pleased with my selection and you will be spotting it a lot throughout the season. Gorgeous!

Tiffany Toussaint Presents Le Jardin Enchanté

Le Jardin Enchanté...The Enchanted Garden is exactly what the experience was at Tiffany Toussaint's collection launch.  The exotic models looked like fairies coming down the greenery runway in their gracious gowns.  Tiffany transported the audience to a different dimension with her gorgeous color pallet, luscious designs and elegant models.

Tiffany's work speaks to the passion that she's had since she was a little girl playing dress up. Tiffany believed in her God's given gift and pursued her dream to becoming a Designer and for that I cannot stress to say that she is a true inspiration. 

This is just the beginning for Tiffany.  Her drive and passion for what she does will take her soon to the celebrity red carpet.  Her new collection is in the works! We had a chance to preview it and let me tell you, it was a standing ovation.

Tiffany takes custom orders. She will size you, work with the colors and fabrics of choice.  This brand is for your red carpet moment ladies. It is the dream wedding dress you've always wanted.

Watch the full video coverage created in partnership with WeInTheMix

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CRIIIATIVE Presents Shoppaganza

Criiiative is a luxury planning and management group who provides a platform for independent designers to showcase their fabulous work.  Shoppaganza was the best event to close the summer season.  The crowd was drinking, networking, shopping, eating...and more.  I had multiple hats for the first time at an event.  I attended as a Blogger, a Designer, a Vendor and a Glam Squad panelist! Sounds a whole lot right? But Criiiative organized the event so well that I was able to manage all at ease.  Meg Campbell Golf, Kafe Louverture, Le Jubon, 237fashion, Reviled, Westpoint Media was just a part of the fabulousity that was in the building.  Make sure you watch both video coverages!