Monte Mader CD Release Show at Rockwood NYC


"The art of producing good music from a cultivated voice can be achieved by many, but the art of producing that music from the harmony of a pure life is achieved very rarely".-  Gandhi


I met pop singer-songwriter Monte Mader at her official CD release show at the Rockwood in New York City a few days ago.  I enjoyed how she connected with the audience. Before every song, Monte Mader shared what inspired her to write and produce the song.  Once she told the story, you could not help but feel what she felt singing the lyrics. Everything just clicked.  I was so inspired and I know the entire crowd was too following the screaming and loud clapping everytime she ended a song.


Monte Mader is from Wyoming.  This Debut EP, SKYDIVE is a testimony of how she managed to bounce back from all that she went through.  Monte endured a lot.  From Bankcrupcy at an early age, bad breakups and most recently the sudden death of her father this pass year, Monte never gave up. In fact, during the performance at the Rockwood, she motivated the crowd by sharing with everyone that being in a bad place is a good thing and to remember that it is temporary. Never give up and just Dive!

Monte Mader is pure, authentic, though yet super sweet.  All the songs on her EP are really great but my ultimate fav has to be Skydive.  It's so motivating and inspiring.  It truly embodies what life is all about.  Monte Mader is pursuing her dream and wants you to do the same. Her music is uplifting.

Check out Monte Mader website:

Monte Mader EP, Skydive, is now available on:

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Sadie's BlendorFest: Where Bloggers and Vendors Connect!

Connecting with Truly Rachel |

Connecting with Truly Rachel |

As a Digital Content Creator and Influencer, my passion is connecting my blogging platform with brands and creative entrepreneurs to help them articulate their values and who they are to potential and existing clients. 

I started my Digital Media presence 3 years ago.  I participated in many vendor fairs selling my handmade jewelry line . My blog has given me the platform to expand my brand even more and this is why Sadie's Blendorfest made complete sense.  This event connected inspired Bloggers with vendors all in one place.

The event took place at the Rock n'Joe Coffee Bar in Union, New Jersey.  I had a chance to meet and greet some of the vendors and hearing about their amazing products. Seeing entrepreneurs representing their brands and speaking about their items inspires me so much.  I enjoyed hearing about their products and how they actively look to expand their customer reach through digital marketing.

It's simple but it is not easy to be an entrepreneur. Life gets in the way.  There is only 24 hours in a day.  However, Sadie's BlendorFest reassured bloggers and vendors that it is all about connecting and networking with each other to help market each other's brands.

As part of the Blogger Q & A Panel, I had the opportunity to share some of my stories and tips that I have learned along the way.  How do I create a balance in my life? What is important to know about blogging before taking the plunge? What do I love the most about blogging? were some of many questions that I answered alongside my fellow bloggers.

When you position yourself with like minded individuals, you will learn so much more.  I left Sadie's BlendorFest motivated, inspired and full of knowledge.  As an entrepreneur, you cannot stop learning and I went home with lots of tips and creative ideas to apply to my brand. Here are some pics! Remember to watch the video too. It's a little over 10 minutes long.  Link at the end of the post.

Sadie's BlendorFest Blogger Panel:  Martine Cadet ,  The QB ,  Jenna Firshein ,  Sunday Shay ,  Lillie Morales

Sadie's BlendorFest Blogger Panel: Martine Cadet, The QB, Jenna Firshein, Sunday Shay, Lillie Morales

JEWELRY/ACCESSORIES: Yvette Tay-Taylor is an Independent Consultant |

JEWELRY/ACCESSORIES: Yvette Tay-Taylor is an Independent Consultant |

NATURAL PRODUCTS: Jessica Pacheco is the Owner and Founder of Peche |

NATURAL PRODUCTS: Jessica Pacheco is the Owner and Founder of Peche |

APPAREL: Brand - J.Vene'Sip Fashions

APPAREL: Brand - J.Vene'Sip Fashions

Connecting with Beverly Nataniel | Independent Scentsy Consultant

Connecting with Beverly Nataniel | Independent Scentsy Consultant



Connecting with Truly Rachel |

Connecting with Truly Rachel |



Connecting with Samantha Harding 

Connecting with Samantha Harding 

HANDMADE: Samantha Harding

HANDMADE: Samantha Harding

Checking out Magnolia and Vine for the first time!

Checking out Magnolia and Vine for the first time!

Magnolia and Vine Style Consultants!

Magnolia and Vine Style Consultants!

NJ Digital Media Center Interview - 

NJ Digital Media Center Interview - 

NYC Fashion Designer Tiffany Toussaint Presents Le Grande Mascarade


Le Jardin Enchanté was the theme at the last NYFW collection by Tiffany Toussaint. This season, the festivities embodied an evening of elegance.   As a Content Creator, I personally enjoy seeing other creatives building on their crafts.

From the food to the drinks, every detail represented style and sophistication. Fashion Designer Tiffany Toussaint's collections of evening gowns were breathtaking.  Trendy lace and sheer fabrics were all on the runway in an array of rich colors.  Many of the long flowing dresses had standing ovations from the audience.  30 fantastic looks in 3 segmented presentations were revealed. 

If it is wedding season or even prom season or any other special occasion that you may have coming up, I would strongly recommend that you visit Tiffany Toussaint's website here and reach out for your custom gown or even plan ahead for your New Year's Eve look! 



Kami Cosmetics NYC Mix & Mingle

I had the opportunity to meet these fabulous women entrepreneurs a year ago at the Enjoi Lux Ooh so Glam event at Studio 450 in New York City.  

Kluermoi is not only beautiful inside and out, but she is by far one of the best makeup artist I have yet to meet.  She is so talented.  She demonstrated an ombre lip look using the Kami Cosmetics liquid lipsticks and everyone had a hoooo wow moment.  Her YouTube Channel here is loaded with amazing tutorials. You will love it!

I love the shades available at Kami Cosmetics.  The colors are bold, chic, really nice.  You can shop on the website here and by the way, there is an apparel line too!

I have WANTED.  It's a matte liquid lipstick not too red not too orange.  What I like about it it stays on for a looooonnnggg time which I love.  You can buy it here.

All and all it was a great event.  Very intimate, fun and educational.  One lucky winner got a chance to go home with my Kaderique handmade jewelry necklace too! How exciting! 

ShopStyle: Where Fashion Always Happens!

OMG can you tell how excited I was from this cheesy smile!? LOL! First of all, the weather was decent after the crazy freezing blizzard we had.. that made me was at the Shopstyle NYFW Social House event!!!! 

A house full of stylish Bloggers, refreshments, makeup and hair touchups, and the best part?! Shopping!! I've had My ShopStyle link on my blog in like forever and I knew walking into this event I would be finding fabulous Fashion! and-I-DID...and-I-Shopped, had my makeup done, met some friends....Just fabulous.

ShopStyle is where Fashion lives ladies and ...gents.  Yes, my guy readers go to MY ShopStyle link here and find what you've been looking for!

I had the opportunity to shop/rent pieces for a few days. I actually styled what I selected here. Oh and by the way, I wore one of my boutique items to this event! I love this dress so much. You can shop it here.

While you are here, check out how fabulous Fashion Blogger Deb styled this dress too! She is absolutely gorgeous in it and you can be too!!!!

Do You Like this Country?

Do You Like this Country?

In 2016, Lifestyle Blogger and owner of Kaderique went to cast her vote.  In this blog, she expresses why it was important as a citizen that day to practice their right to vote. Standing by the United States of America Flag and wearing her red blazer and complementary scarf, this complete outfit was truly a patriotic fashion stop.

Photos Done Wright ©

The camera lens captures what the human eye leaves behind.
— Photos Done Wright ©

I am always so happy when I have the opportunity to work with other entrepreneur minded individuals.  I recently sat down with Founder and Owner of Photos Done Wright © Tamika Wright to chat about her company.  I also had the chance to experience her amazing work.  Photography is Art and being able to capture that moment means so much.  Tamika specializes in portraits and weddings but is highly creative and so talented and can take on any other type of photography needs. Photos Done Wright © is mobile and will work with their client to accommodate their requests to the best of their ability.  So I'd say, where ever you are and you need a professional, humble, skilled, and creative photographer, you can't go wrong with Photos Done Wright © I am very pleased with my portraits and it was so much fun working with Tamika.  

Cocktails with Claire got me feeling the Bomb Life

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined
— Claire Sulmers

Studio 450 was filled with gorgeous, fabulous, bombshell ladies.  Shoes, food, music and most importantly the woman behind it all made this event something to remember.  Fashion lovers, bloggers, stylists, actors, photographers from all walks of life were all there to sip, converse and shop. This was a night to remember. 

Up Close and Personal with Tiffany Evans

Smart, Humble, Loving, Mother, Entrepreneur, Dancer, Actress, Wife, Songbird.... This is everything that Tiffany Evans is and more. Tiffany is a true inspiration.  That moment at Star Search when she was only just 10 years old, defined everything for her and she has not stopped building her amazing skills into a successful business since.

Tiffany Evans musical roaster includes Grammy winning R&B singer Ciara , Rapper Bow Wow.

Today she releases her new EP "All Me" including feature with Singer, Rapper, Songwritter Fetty Wap "On Sight".

Tiffany Evans is back you guys! Super exciting. Watch the full interview on my YouTube Channel or Click on Link at the end of the post.

Hip Hop Conference


Remember, I am Fanatique of everything that is awesome. So when I was invited to join the Press group for this year's Hip Hop Press Conference, I did not hesitate and accepted. I listen to all types of music and most importantly I love people that are focused in their artistic craft. As a handmade Jewelry Designer myself, I always love to meet people in the creative field.

The event took place at Mr. Adams Steakhouse in Newark, NJ. Perfect atmosphere for an afternoon of networking, music and learning. Turn tables were up and in no time the place was full of energy.

The Hip Hop conference was created by CEO, Terrance Bankston.  His mission is to promote cultured values, collaboration and integration amongst artists, Hip-Hop movements, Press, Media and Production.

Terrance Bankston|  CEO Hip Hop Conference| Twitter

Terrance Bankston| CEO Hip Hop Conference|Twitter

The panel of speakers included major Hip Hop influencers such as – Money Carsin who has been a ghostwriter since 2001 working with various industries artists. He has also collaborated with artists such as Sisqo, Redman, Jeremih, and Fred The Godson just to name a few (source) – Nikki Walker Entertainment and Lifestyle Public Relations guru – Keith Harrison of ASCAP The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers- Don Richardson Manager of Interscope Records and many more……..

Questions about music management, how to promote your single, what is expected from an Artist were amongst many critical topics that were discussed. This was a super productive networking event for all up and coming Artist, music producers or anyone in the Entertainment business that attended.

Keith Harrison|ASCAP

Keith Harrison|ASCAP

With Nikki Walker|Entertainment and Lifestyle PR

With Nikki Walker|Entertainment and Lifestyle PR

Live performances and exclusive interviews were set up for all the groups and single Artist to showcase their work.

Artist: Jen Jer Ricci| YouTube

Artist: Jen Jer Ricci|YouTube

Artist: LavishJay|  SoundCloud

Artist: LavishJay| SoundCloud

I would encourage anyone that is in the Entertainment Industry to attend at least once in their life! You will learn a lot, meet amazing and professional people that are active in the industry and really have the opportunity to establish strong relationships to help you grow in your movement.

"Blessed is He who Comes in the Name of the Lord"

These past few days, especially this weekend, God has reminded me once more how wonderful he is.  

I sent a precious, loving mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, friend away to him.  It was such a difficult thing to do.

Psalm 150 was one of her favorites and I can see why.  We need to continue to Praise God in all of his glory when things are good and when things are hard.

Today is the final Sunday of Lent, the start of Holy week, and the first day of Spring.  Jesus arrived to receive her and I believe that she is at peace.

It is so hard to say goodbye to someone you love.  It is so hard to continue your life without them around.  This is why it is so critical to create memories and to live this life on earth with faith and love.

I don't know what I would do without the unconditional love and support from family, friends and you, my followers and supporters.  I received so many DM's, Prayers and wonderful words of encouragement.  I am Blessed and I want to Thank You all for reaching out.  Now, I have to move forward slowly to continue to live my life with God's presence in my heart and his guidance. Hope you do the same. Life is waaayyyy too short.  So live it to the fullest while you still here....

I am a Working Girl. Are You? Join the Movement.


"How can you work a regular J-O-B and work on your own business at the same time?"...."You must be working all day everyday right?"...I get asked these questions almost everyday now, especially since I started my own handmade jewelry Kaderique and blogging:"Do you even have time to spend with your kids?"..."How do you do it all?"....Working Girls Only gave me the platform to share my answers to some of these questions. 

I've always considered myself a working girl.


From focusing in school, attending college, pushing for that Grad school degree, moving up the corporate working days have been endless and they are still in existence today.


I am a working girl for my own business, my kids and my regular job.  I am a mother, a wife, a career woman and an entrepreneur all at the same time. What motivates me are readers, followers like yourself and of course my husband and my kids.


Every girl is a Working Girl. Whether you have your own business or not, you are a Working Girl. So stay focus, remain humble and keep on.  Get yourself a Working Girls Onlyshirt, hoodie, sweats....all are available Here.


Photo Credits @young_germain and G50 Productions

G50 PRODUCTIONS: Perfection. Balance. Limitless Potential.

La Mano Pottery: Throwing Step!


I don't know about you guys but I used to love playing with PlayDoh and I have to confess I still do with my toddler that is 😂😂😂.

I always wanted to try pottery. I mean who doesn't after seeing Ghost 😋 But I'll be really honest, it wasn't easy at first, but good thing I paid very close attention to the teacher during the workshop!


Completing a piece from beginning to end on the wheel is a two step process: Throwing and Trimming.  This workshop at La Mano Potterywas an introduction to the throwing process.

I was a little afraid to use the wheel but got a hold of it after a few minutes of training before actually working the clay.  The throwing process is critical.  The clay has to be centered, otherwise when you start pulling up the piece to create your shape, it will be off balance.  I got to that point during my first 2 tries and I honestly felt like I was fighting the clay the whole entire time. When centering clay it is important to use your whole body.  Get yourself seated in a comfortable position, so that your forearm can press against your thighs.



I ended up learning how to use my whole body to help center my clay.


I had lots of fun! The studio has a great atmosphere and the staff is super friendly. This is a great idea for a fun date night, hangout with your girlfriends or just a reason to get all messy and not care about it! There are many classes available.

La Mano Pottery is located in New York City 110 West 26th Street (btwn 6th & 7th Aves) 212 627-9450


****All Photos and Video by Ashley Davison

Selfie with 📷 Ashley 💕
Selfie with 📷 Ashley 💕

Frontline Art Exhibition: Using the Arts as a Voice


The Front Line Exhibition was a visual art, music, film and activism effort, with the aim of using the Arts and dialogue to highlight police brutality and racism in America. The Women In Media was one of many panels at the event. Latasha @JustLatasha (JustLatasha Productions/Sit Black and Relax web series); Nicci Page @NicciPage2 (B-Girl Movement); Chaedria LBouvier @LaLaBouvier (Elle Mag, Bevel); Shkirah DeMesier @PleaseDontCallMeShak (Platanos and Collard Greens/Sit Black and Relax web series) spoke the truth about the challenges of being a woman or a man of color in America. 


Help a Child in Haiti with your Donation


It's been 8 years since 3 strong and passionate Haitian women decided to create an amazing non-profit organization that would give back to one special place in their home country Haiti.


Dinah Reme, Naika Charles D'Haiti and Lynda Bernard started their mission back in 2008 to give back to their community in Camp-Perrin (Haitian Creole: Kamperen), located in the south of Haiti.


I am from Haiti and I was fortunate to have my parents and family give me a great life. But the unfortunate reality is that not every child in Haiti has this luxury.

Every year, on July 26th, a group of Haitians and non-Haitians from all walks of life join the Project St. Anne team and travel together to the community of Camp-Perrin, Haiti, to celebrate the Feast of St. Anne.  This is where they feed over 1K men, women and children.  But the mission does not stop here.  Recently, I had the honor to attend Project St. Anne's Holiday Toy Drive to help them gather as many gifts as possible to give the Children of Camp-Perrin a Christmas they will remember for the rest of their lives.

If you are looking for that special place to donate, Project St. Anne is where you should send your love to. I can guarantee you that your gift will not go unnoticed. You will be supporting families in need and helping children pursue their education for a brighter a future.

This organization is dear to my heart and I hope that it can have a special place in yours now and forever. Give the gift that keeps on giving! With a $100 you can sponsor a child for a full year of Education, Imagine..a brighter future for these underprivileged children! Sponsor a child today volunteer, donate, Like their Facebook page and follow on Instagram

Let Project St Anne be part of your hearts this season. Help this team achieve their goals of changing the lives of people of this community. They cannot do it alone.

My Secret Treasures Boutique's 8th Anniversary Business Expo


My Secret Treasures Boutique celebrated their 8th year in the Fashion business and invited Businesses, fashionistas, bloggers, stylists, makeup artists, Poets and more to join this Fabulous Event.


The day was filled with shopping, appetizers, door prizes and much more!


I was in the building showcasing my KADERIQUE jewelry alongside many other amazing talents: @mydreamsweetsbyingrid@mstbtreats@kebathemua@angie_regime @butterflynaturals and much more!


Plus Model Bianca Golden from America's Next Top Model Bianca Golden made a guest appearance!




Check out My Secret Treasures Boutique on Instagram || Online


How to Deal with Annoying People


So I got this book years ago and it was one of the best purchases I ever did. Yes, I had a lot of annoying people around me at the time and unfortunately I still do. This is why I went back and decided to read it again.


Honestly, you cannot tell me you do not have annoying people in your life! If you don't, I want to meet you because you are special!

I have annoying co-workers, annoying family members, annoying friends and even annoying strangers! Yes strangers! I mean the customer who wants to be in front of you at the cash register because they have 1 item and you have 5. Really?

There are a lot of people that do not understand the principle of personal space!
There are a lot of people that do not understand the principle of personal space!

Sorry... so let's go back to the book and really why I think every single person must read it.

There are lots of self evaluations to help you determine if you yourself are annoying to others. The book highlights "how not to be annoying to people" and how you can avoid confrontation to help you foster better relationships.


I strongly recommend that you read this book. Pick it up at your local library or purchase it. It's like $10.

$10 trust me that you'll come back and thank me for spending.


You'll become a better person after you read it and put it into practice. It's not easy! But definitely worth trying.

If you've read this book I want to know your thoughts. If you haven't, come back when you do and drop a note!

Fashion Industry Mixer


This past week I attended StylingOn's exclusive fashion event!

New York's finest stylists, designers, fashion bloggers, editors, journalists, and models were all there ready to network.

Everyone was friendly, open to listen and hear about each other's fantastic work.

Being around like minded individuals is just so awesome. We all spoke the same language and engaged in great conversation. Atmosphere was perfect, drinks on point and most of all the fashion oh boy can't even find the words to describe 😩. I guess Fabulous will be just fine ;).

with  Designer  of Niche-Elle New York - 

with Designer of Niche-Elle New York - 

The highlight of the night is when i had the opportunity to mix and mingle with StylingOn's very own Founder and CEO, Lidia Z. Such a great women, full of passion and energy.

StylingOn's very own Founder and CEO, Lidia Z.
StylingOn's very own Founder and CEO, Lidia Z.

Overall, great evening. The wine and tapas at the beautiful Carlton Hotel in New York City was the perfect place for this posh.