Oxford Fashion Studio Coverage: Amazing!

Oxford Fashion House NYFW

The New York Collections runway show presented by the Oxford Fashion Studio was Amazing!

Registration was flawless. The team had all the information ready and in no time I had my tag.

Press, Photographers and many other Bloggers were already seated by the time I got in myself, all anxious for the first show to start.

Stunning designs came down the runway. I pretty much fell in love with every single look. Then came time to go backstage, after every set to meet the designers and the models.


Plaster of Paris

I love creating my own art.  I used Plaster of Paris for this project.
Plaster is a building material used for coating walls and ceilings. Plaster is manufactured as a dry powder and is mixed with water to form a paste when used. The reaction with water liberates heat through crystallization and the hydrated plaster then hardens. Plaster can be relatively easily worked with metal tools or even sandpaper. These characteristics make plaster suitable for a finishing, rather than a load-bearing material(!).
It is very easy to use.  The instructions are on the box.  I used a scraper and spread the mixture.  I left it to dry for about half a day before I spray painted with metallic colors.
Thank you for coming! Always great to have you on the site!


Side Table Refresh

I am a huge fan of paint.  A fresh coat creates wonders! I am still in the process of furnishing my home.  Therefore, whenever I can save some money and find ways to reuse, recycle and upcycle? I am all for it.
New Side Table

New Side Table

This is exactly what I did for my daughter's bed side table.  This table lived a great life.  It moved from one apartment to another apartment and then to a house.  Looked great in all 3 living rooms. But as you can see from the Before image, it had seen better days.  So I was ready to kick it to the curve. But all of a sudden, my DIY light bulb turned on!! Yeap! I went to Home Depot. Purchased some sand paper, paint (purple of course...) and repainted this piece of furniture in no time.  My daughter loves it! Like she said: "Mommy, it is a brand new piece of furniture! that's awesome!"
Awesome it is.  Plus, the little added touch with the silk flower with the knob just works so well with the overall decor of the room.
Silk Flower Accent

Silk Flower Accent

I cannot wait to show you the whole room when it is done.  In the meantime, hope this post inspired you to paint this season and if not read these posts: Kitchen cabinets and Craft Organization Wall. Maybe I will change your mind at the end to Refresh, Recycle and Reuse!
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Easter Kid's Hat

Easter is fast approaching and of course, it is crafting time at school!  We received a note from my 3 years old son's class a week ago, advising that each child needs to have their own Easter Hats for the party this year.  Of course, I could of just went to the store and bought an already made hat.  But why do that when all it takes is a few hours, a little creativity and patience?  Plus, it's a great activity to do with your kids anyway.

So my daughter was my helper since my son was already fast asleep when I remembered this project was due the next day. She was my "creative director" picking out the colors, the design...you name it! She was all over it.


- Scrap paper from old projects

- Glue (Glue stick and a glue gun)

- Ruler

- Pencil and marker

- Scissors

- Cotton Balls


How to Decorate Your Coffee Table

Annette Joseph
Annette Joseph

 I don't know about you guys but YouTube is my new TV.  I canceled my cable subscription and YouTube is all I watch aside from my Hulu Plus and Netflix of course.  With that said, I created subscriptions and watch them daily. The best part is, I watch them on my own time.  You can get so many great ideas and find inspiration in whatever you are trying to do.

Ballard Designs is one of many shopping catalogs that I enjoy. I subscribed to their channel on YouTube over a year ago and boy I do not regret it.

Decorating your home could be tricky.  But I always wondered how do these catalogs such as Ballard create their beautiful shots in their publications? Well, I found that it is so easy to replicate once you watch the How To videos and learn the tricks.

In this video, Ballard featured beautiful Stylist, Producer, Cook Book Author and Style Guru Annette Joseph.  In less than one minute, Anette presents 3 ways you can decorate your coffee table.  I personally love the Serene look and I am planning to try it myself this year when I redecorate my living room.

The magic of Mod Podge

Looking to refresh an old vase, bowl or recycle all those empty wine bottles to create centerpieces? Very easy to do.  I use Mod Podge for all of my crafting projects around the house.  It acts as a glue - sealant - varnish in one. It'll stick to just about anything. You can apply it on the underside of what you're attaching, and also put it on top of what you attached to seal your project and add shine. There is all sorts of mod podge too. Check out Mod Podge Rocks This is a great board on Pintrest showcasing all of the projects that can be done with it.

 I had this old pitcher that I was really not using much collecting dust in a cabinet.  I needed a vase to put my silk flowers from Michael's. Took some Mod Podge, a sponge brush and twine to revamp this item. I wrap around the twine using the glue. Got a bit messy along the way...and let it dry. The glue came out white but dried clear after. So pleased with my craft!!! I am going to use this glue everywhere. Add a comment and let me know if you love Mod Podge too!

The Supplies
The Supplies

Valentine's Day Goody Bags

Class Goody Bags can be simple: Filled with lots of treats.  But with a little planning and patience, putting together Goody Bags can be a load of fun.  These creative DIY'ers did a great job creating out of the ordinary gift ideas for Valentine's day.  Using these as inspiration, I curated these concepts and created my own version for my kids. 

Not only do bears make a great gift for Valentine's day because they are cute and cozy but also because they represent confidence, healing and love:

The primary meaning of the bear spirit animal is strength and confidence.  Standing against adversity; taking action and leadership.  The spirit of the bear indicates it’s time for healing or using healing abilities to help self or others.  The bear medicine emphasizes the importance of solitude, quiet time, rest.  The spirit of the bear provides strong grounding forces. Source



- Printed black and white line drawings from the internet.

- Scissors, crayons and glue

- Left over felt from previous craft projects

- Brown lunch bags

- Bottle covers and caps to use as templates

- Colored cardstock paper





Hope I inspired you to create your own DIY Valentine project. If not, Check out more: