Wine Cork Super Easy and Budget Friendly Craft Home Decor Project

Please don't judge me! LOL...But I save all of my wine corks and I have managed to collect a bunch over the past year.  I did this because I knew one day I would start making cool DIY projects with them since I love to craft so much!

This one is super easy, cheap and beautiful to do.  Took me less than 30 minutes from start to finish.  With a few wine corks, glue sticks and a glue gun, I had 2 beautiful wine cork tealights

If you are a wine cork collector like me, now you know you can create really cool home decor items in no time.  I know I will be creating more things because I still have lots and lots and lots of them in storage....Like I said...LOL don't judge me! Yes I am a wine lover! Malbec only that is! 

Plonk Wine Club

10 Cute & Easy Valentines Gift Ideas


I love to craft.  Last year for Valentine's Day I created cuteValentine's Day Goodie Bagfor my Kids classes. With these 10 cute and Easy Valentine's Day crafting ideas that I found, I am hoping I can inspire you to plan a project!Personalizing a gift is not that hard.  Be creative and make it a fun time with your loved ones!

1. Quick and Easy Valentines Treats by Pleasant Home

 I am sure you are like me and have a bunch of candy canes left over from the Holidays.  Pleasant Home fabulous idea to litteraly recycle them for the Valentine's Day season is Fantastic! Check out the full tutorial and try it!

2. Funny Foodie Valentine Printables by The Crafty Cupboard

Why pick up an expensive card at the store when you can get these really cuteFunny Foodie Printables. I personally love them all. These are really cute to give to your foodie friend.

3. Lunchbox Notes, Tags & Stickers by Alpha Mom

I think these tags can easily go beyond Valentine's Day.  But for that healthy friend that you know will not want any sweets, theseprintablesare the perfect touch to share your love with them.

4. "Bee Mine" by Pizzazzerie

I am in love with this craft by Courtney at Pizzazzerie. Not only is this gift idea so unique but it is so practical too! Very simple to make and the "Bee Mine" Lipgloss is just perfect for that Beauty Valentine friend! Love it!

5. Easy Valentine’s Day Cookies by Family Fresh Meals

Cookies that you do not have to bake? That's right! These are easy and quick Valentine's Day Cookies that anyone can do! The ingredients are simple and if you have little ones around, have them help you! This is an hour of fun time that will be memorable!

6. Candlelight with Washi Tape by Kathastrophal

I've told you about my Washi Tape addiction already and when I saw this gorgeous DIY by Kathastrophal for Christmas decor, I thought wait this could also be an awesome Valentine's Washi Tape project!

7. Adorable Printable Valentine Gift Tags by Tidy Mom

Printable Valentine Gift Tags are the perfect way to add a little fun to your Valentine's Day gift giving -- from a bag of sweets to a lovely journal, these tags are fun and festive.
Printable Valentine Gift Tags are the perfect way to add a little fun to your Valentine's Day gift giving -- from a bag of sweets to a lovely journal, these tags are fun and festive.

I love finding cute printables and these Valentines Hangtags by Tidy Mom add something special to your packaged gift.


"O-Fish-Ally Be Mine"!This is too adorable.  Check out the full tutorial. One of the DIYs I am loving a lot as an option for my Kid's Valentine's class gifts.

9. Doughnut Valentines by Design Mom 

More Hangtags! This time using them to package a delicious doughnut makes it such a sweet Valentine's Day gift. This an easy and quick last minute idea that anyone can do and anyone who receives it will appreciate it. Check out the full tutorial for this Valentine Doughnut by Design Mom.

10. YOU MAKE MY HEART POP! by Crazy Little Projects

Last minute gift, cute, quick, easy: This is what this You Make My Heart Pop! Valentine gift idea by Crazy Little Projects is all about. This one that I am thinking also to do for my kid's class gifts. 


Happy Valentine's Day!

Addicted to Washi Tape


My family had to stop me from washi taping the whole house! Just Like Mod Podge, washi tape can create miracles.

Now you already know from my Kaderique Handmade Jewelry line, I love colors and patterns. So what is it exactly? Well, it is a simple pretty adhesive roll of paper tape. "It is typically made from natural fibers, such as bamboo or hemp, but most commonly from the bark of trees that are native to Japan" (source link).

I always say Craft/DIY projects, are all about a little bit of imagination. Use washi tape on your nails instead of paying extra for a design at the nail salon! I seal mine with clear nail polish. Sure, it might not last a whole week, but it sure looks good and is fun to wear don't you think?

Have a blank wall somewhere in your space and don't want or cannot nail in picture frames Solution: washi tape! It's just like painter's tape. It adheres to any surface and comes off very easily without any damage.

One of my favorite ways to spruce up my picture frames, guess? yes...washi tape! LOL Use the mounting paper that the frame comes with and flip it over. Put your photo and washi tape it all over!

You can create any pattern, style you desire. There are no rules with washi tape. I even created one frame without any picture. I think it looks pretty cool.

Oh and yes, remember I said it adheres to any surface? Check out this dollar store vase I washi taped all over.

I love this idea of decorating with washi tape. It adds color and character to the space. You can find it at any craft store. The price is very good too.

Sorry I am not done. Remember how I told you my family had to stop me from washi taping the whole house? Well now you know why.

You see right!? I put that tape on my car keys! Cute right?!

Washi tape is pretty cool. I love it on my business cards. You can put it on notebooks and many other stationery items.

Thrift Shop DIY Home Decor


I love visiting my local thrift shop once in a while.  It's like playing treasure hunt.  With a little imagination, you can achieve so much at a very low cost.

I picked up this Hurricane lamp for $3.99. It had some scratches and the gold plated finish was damaged.


But overall, it was in very good shape.  So I decided to stop at my local Home Depot and Dollar store to create my DIY.


I spray painted it with a metallic gold color outside and let air dry for about 3 hours.


Look at the results! Just fantastic, I think! From the Dollar store, I bought a bunch of artificial flowers. Sure I love fresh ones too, But these were really pretty plus for $10, I was very pleased walking out of the store.


At Walmart, I bought a foam bowl for $3 to use as a base for my flower arrangement. I am no expert trust me😩  I just randomly pinned each flower after using a wire cutter into the foam.


I am very pleased with the finish product! I think I will be making more of these in the near future to decorate my home.  This is also a great project when you need to decorate for an event or even for the Holidays. The best part is, think about it, any base will do. Paint goes a long way!


5 Housewarming Gifts Any new Homeowner will appreciate


The expensive bottle of wine with the most expensive bottle opener is definitely a great gift. However, to me, why not give a new homeowner something that will be definitely useful to them longterm. Here are my 5 Housewarming Gifts that any new homeowner in my opinion will greatly appreciate.

1. Take Out Menu Organizer

The Takeout Menu Organizer from Knock Knock is a great gift. Who cooks every night anyway? This binder includes handy meal-rating stickers, tipping guide, helpful ordering advice, frequently called numbers list, and so much more. If you want to skip purchasing an already made binder like this one, why not take the time to drive around the neighborhood, collect menus and create your own binder by section to give as a housewarming gift

2. Custom Address Stamp

This will come in handy and very much appreciated.  Although I know most of us pay our bills online and hardly stop at the post office, we still have the cute Holiday cards to send out right? So why not give a custom made address stamp as a housewarming gift? This one is from Personalization Mall Very cute!

3. Toolbox Gift Basket

New apartment, new house, to me a tool box basket like this one is a great idea.  Include a flash lights, extra light bulbs, painter's paint and more. There will always be that "project" that a new homeowner will try to do and these tools will come in handy.

4. First Aid Kit

I received a lot of First Aid Kits at my baby showers.  Sure, totally makes sense to have when you have kids in the home.  But what about us adults? We could use some care too after hurting ourselves cutting the onions while cooking! Unless driving to the ER could be a solution, Home First Aid Kit to me is a great Housewarming gift.  Same as the Menu Binder, you can choose to create your own and shop the aisles of your favorite drug store or you can purchase already made Kits. This one is from The Container Store.

5. Netted Soap Saver

I  really like this item. Who does not like to save? In fact, new homeowners will want to do just that! I know it is just soap but expenses add up and every penny counts.  You can get the most out of the soap bar with this. It is a nylon mesh pouch with a locking satin drawstring closure. When you shower or bathe, the Netted Soap Saver creates a lush lather from the remnants of soap that would have otherwise been too small to use. And it gently exfoliates the skin. Find it at The Container Store

Ikea Hack: FINTORP

I am a content creator and taking pictures for my social is something that I love doing for myself and for my clients. When I purchased my home, I wanted affordable and design friendly ways to decorate.

First of all, can I just say, these pictures were all taken with my smartphone!

There are many storage solutions available to organize the space over the toilet. Many are furniture pieces or built in cabinets and shelves. In this project, I used the Ikea FINTORP collection to store toiletries and other bathroom essentials. Easy to install and easy to clean, these hanging baskets work well in the space.  Keep in mind, this concept can be used in the kitchen, laundry room and even the mudroom.