From Brunette to Blonde Makeover: Jeffrey Stein 78 Hair Salon, NYC Upper East Side

Don't cheat and scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the big reveal!!!! You must read my review about this fabulous hair salon located in the upper East Side in NYC.  Name: Jeffrey Stein 78.  If you are a commuter like me, it is super easy to get to.  It was really rainy when I went for my appointment. But once I walked in, I felt all refreshed.  The receptionist smile, the bright white walls and lights, just brighten up my morning and I was ready to get all pampered.

Well, pampered is what I exactly got!

During my consultation, we talked about many ideas but landed on one that gave me chills but I felt confident after thanks to my stylist.  The total treatment took no more than 2 hours from start to finish. I have to say, I always wanted to color my hair but just never had the courage to do it. I've done highlights before but never colored my entire hair.  What I love about this look is how the color does not start from the roots.  I have shades of blond and brown that really work well together.  I still don't recognize myself in the mirror.  But if you know me, you know that I always say your hair is your best accessory.  I love the new me! Life is too short to have boring hair! I am ready to be blondie all Summer long and well into Fall. Special Thanks to my amazing friend, photographer, dancer and singer @mrssugarbrown for capturing this makeover; and to the amazing staff at Jeffrey Stein 78 for making me feel like a brand new woman!

Scroll down. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Photo credits  @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits  @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits  @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits  @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits  @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits  @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits  @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits  @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits  @mrssugarbrown

Photo credits @mrssugarbrown

Add Some Glam in Your Chaotic Schedule in Just 45 minutes with MB45!

We are always on the go nowadays. I am sure you have a chaotic schedule just like I do. If you've been following me, you would know that I have a very busy lifestyle. Between being a mother, working a 9 to 5, raising 2 young kids and managing a home, there is never a dull moment in my life. As a result, quick and easy anything is what I love the most obviously to incorporate in my life. Well, I am happy to share that my experience at MB45 salon in Tribeca yesterday totally impressed me. If you watched my instastory on my Instagram you would agree when I say it was such a fabulous time. I was in and out looking amazing after my blow out and mani.

My Blow out at MB45 Studio in Tribeca NYC


When I walked in I was greeted by Lori. Lovely receptionist. She introduced me to my super sweet stylist Fernanda who walked me over to my washing station. In no time, my eyes were close. I was enjoying the warm water and massage. Once I sat on my chair, Jodi, my nail stylist came over to introduce herself and suggested that I select my nail polish color. I couldn't make up my mind standing in front of an array of gorgeous polishes. So much fun. Since I was having a gel manicure I narrowed down to selecting just a pretty navy shade.

Gel Manicure selection at MB45 salon in Tribeca NYC
Washing at MB45 salon in Tribeca NYC
MB45 45 minute blow out and mani

Before my glam quick styling started, I was offered a choice of beverages. My glass of prosecco was the perfect refreshment to my busy day and what I exactly needed for this pampering session. I felt fabulous. Fernanda and Jodi worked on my nails and my hair with such professionalism. We were chatting, smiling and got to know a little bit about each other! I felt like a star getting ready to hit the red carpet with my personal glam squad! I am not exaggerating.  In 45 minutes, I was DONE! my hair was silky, bouncy and smooth. Fernanda did such a great job pulling my curls. She was super gentle with my hair and gave it just enough heat to pull the look. literally a few seconds after, my nails were dry and looked so good matching my dress.

Fernanda my hairstylist at MB45 salon
45 minutes blow out and mani at MB45 salon
Jodi did my manicure at MB45 Salon

All I have to tell you is, I have MB45 in Tribeca as a favorite on my cell phone now. It's so convenient and the service is so great. Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Make your appointment. You can thank me later!

I have a special discount just for you! Refer to CODE MB20 to receive 20%. You can book your appointment HERE


*This is a sponsored post brought to you by MB45 Salon. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Kami Cosmetics NYC Mix & Mingle

I had the opportunity to meet these fabulous women entrepreneurs a year ago at the Enjoi Lux Ooh so Glam event at Studio 450 in New York City.  

Kluermoi is not only beautiful inside and out, but she is by far one of the best makeup artist I have yet to meet.  She is so talented.  She demonstrated an ombre lip look using the Kami Cosmetics liquid lipsticks and everyone had a hoooo wow moment.  Her YouTube Channel here is loaded with amazing tutorials. You will love it!

I love the shades available at Kami Cosmetics.  The colors are bold, chic, really nice.  You can shop on the website here and by the way, there is an apparel line too!

I have WANTED.  It's a matte liquid lipstick not too red not too orange.  What I like about it it stays on for a looooonnnggg time which I love.  You can buy it here.

All and all it was a great event.  Very intimate, fun and educational.  One lucky winner got a chance to go home with my Kaderique handmade jewelry necklace too! How exciting! 

Styled by Bonita

“Healthy hair care is my primary focus and I am dedicated to giving my clients quality hair care service and a quality salon experience." - Bonita

Originally from Brooklyn, NY. Bonita has settled nicely for the past 16 years with her family in the lovely township of Maplewood, NJ. A graduate of Columbia Sr. High School in 2009, Bonita's strong Ghanaian roots was the inspiration of her consistent work ethic. Being knowledgeable and persistent while obtaining success was inevitable and she proved herself to be correct in her efforts.

Bonita's specialty lies in Natural Hair Care. Blowouts/Silk Presses and Sew-in weaves, are her most requested services. Bonita prides herself performing blowouts with no heat damage. 

This is my daughter's hair before Bonita styled it. 

This is my daughter's hair after Bonita styled it!

This is my hair before Bonita styled it.

This is my hair with Bonita's touch!

I love my natural kinky hair and I educate my daughter to embrace hers everyday.  I've straighten my hair in the past but would always be worried of heat damage and shrinkage. Bonita changed my point of view.

Not only did my hair feel healthy and strong, it lasted an entire week and felt great when it came back to it's natural kinky state. 

Crafting Custom Wigs, Updo’s, Two-Strand Twists, Twist-Outs, Braid outs, Bantu Knots and Relaxer Services are also apart of Bonita's skill set. Contact Bonita via email Email: or:



Zoya Nails: NOOT

Living a toxic free lifestyle goes beyond eating organic foods. Zoya nail polishes are premium quality and do not have all the toxic ingredients that most nail polish have. The color offering from Zoya is amazing.


 Noot by Zoya is a dark grey with some green tones in it.  Sometimes it gives you shades of black and other times you can see some dark blue tones within.


Creamy, smoky, this shade is sophisticated and sexy.   


Zoya Nails: DESIREE


I curate a Zoya nail polish palette for this season. Living a toxic free lifestyle goes beyond eating organic foods. Zoya nail polishes are premium, excellent quality and does not have all the toxic ingredients that most nail polish have. The color offering from Zoya is amazing.


Desiree by Zoya is a silky, classic brown shade. Great for this time of the year. Creamy, bold and superior.


Butterfly Naturals Online Store


I use the Butterfly Naturals System of Care products to maintain my Crotchet Braids. After 4 weeks, my hair still looks amazing.


Step 1 - Every 2 weeks, I wash my hair, scalp and extension hair with: Clean Me, Not Strip Me! Moisturizing ACV Rinse


Step 2 - Then I spray my own hair at the roots and at the braids with:  Love Me Everyday! Moisturizing Spray


I use this spray as a daily mist to provide continuous moisture and strength to my hair and to refresh the extension hair

Step 3 - Then I apply a dime size amount of: Butter Me Up! Moisture Sealing Butter to my roots and scalp to seal in the moisture.


I use this everyday as well to seal in the moisture after applying Love Me Everyday Spray.

Step 4 - Finally, after moisturizing and sealing, I use: All That I Can Be! A styling custard to slick down my edges and create hold for my various styles with the crochet braids.


This is perfect for coil/curl defining, twists/twist-outs, rod sets, finger coils and more styling.

Butterfly Naturals changed my life.  I love the products and the services. Learn. Style. Love. your Kinky Curly Hair with Butterfly Naturals System of Care Hair Products. Natural handmade products to promote Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair and Healthy Styling. As you can see, this is an easy to follow regimen of products that will help you to easily cleanse, moisturize and style your hair in just 4 easy steps!

The Butterfly Naturals products are very fresh, light, non greasy and cause no build up.  I can feel that the product is penetrating deep into the hair and not staying on my hands. Visit the online shop and experience Butterfly Naturals.

You can host your very own Butterfly Naturals Hair Party with Butterfly Naturals Founder/Owner, and Licensed Natural Hair Stylist specializing in Holistic Natural Hair Care Vasia Archer

All you do is invite the guests and offer refreshments and Butterfly Naturals brings the fun! Enjoy an afternoon or evening of awesome Hair care Tips, Hair and Make-Up Demos, Product Tutorials, Raffles and so much more!! Book your party today! Contact by email or phone: (347) 403-1862

Butterfly Naturals Crochet Braids: My 4 weeks Update.


After 4 weeks since Butterfly Naturals installed my crochet braids, I am getting maximum wear out of them thanks to the regimen care Vasia Archer, Founder/Owner of Butterfly Naturals taught me.

Vasia Archer Founder/Owner of Butterfly Naturals installing my crochet braids. I call her the Natural Hair Guru
Vasia Archer Founder/Owner of Butterfly Naturals installing my crochet braids. I call her the Natural Hair Guru

Vasia Archer Founder/Owner of Butterfly Naturals installing my crochet braids. I call her the Natural Hair Guru*Photo credits: @ampersand_88

I have been using the Butterfly Naturals organic, handmade natural hair products daily to protect my scalp and promote healthy growth for my own hair.

BUY this is easy 4 Step Regimen by Butterfly Naturals

These products work wonders when it comes to styling the hair. From the Big hair don't care look to the sophisticated updos, Butterfly Naturals applied these products to my hair so well that I forget the crochet hair is not my own hair.


I was not sure how long I could leave the crochet hair on and if it was still going to be manageable. But after I went for my follow up maintenance appointment, Vasia washed my hair, took care of my scalp and gave me an amazing cut.


I am in love with this style.


It's short, sassy, cute!


The possibilities are endless. I style my hair with a headband....


....or style the front up with a cute bang!


I think I will be getting a lot more weeks out of this one!


If you have natural hair and need to learn how to better care for your hair or you are transitioning to natural hair, Butterfly Naturals is your answer.  This brand has totally changed my life.  I am more confident about my hair,  my hairstyles and my hair needs.


Learn, Style. Love your Kinky Curly Hair

I transitioned to natural hair 10 years ago. It hasn't been an easy process.

I wore wigs, braids, blow dried many times, colored, highlighted, big chopped it over 5 times and the list goes on.

Over the last 3 years I decided to take better control of my hair and I've been committed to treat it well.

I have a daughter and I am constantly educating her to love her natural kinky hair and be proud of it. Not only are all of those chemical relaxers not healthy, they also remove our natural beauty.

I've struggled finding a place to treat my natural hair. I've spent so much money in store and online product purchases that I probably could buy a brand new car by now.  Let's not even mention my YouTube subscription list.

But now, I am proud to say, my struggles are over thanks to

Butterfly Naturals!

When Vasia created her company, she knew she wanted to reach out to women like me.  Every girl has their own hair type and unfortunately, all of these bottles on store shelves and YouTube videos don't educate us about our own hair.

Wash and go is my everyday styling method.  But with the cold season approaching, I get very uncomfortable heading out to work with dripping hair in the freezing weather.  I usually would braid my hair until Spring but than I would struggle having to maintain the braids because they would always fall out due to my hair type being so thin.

Vasia listened and suggested that crochet braids would be the best route for me. I never had crochet braids before and I was very excited when I found out it was a great protective style.


Starting the crochet application was just a partial part of the process. Learning about my hair was the most important time. Vasia did an awesome treatment first and my natural hair really needed it. I was so happy.


The crochet application process went so smoothly. After my natural hair was braided, Vasia added the extensions. I hear lots of people complain about the tightness of their hair due to this style but I have to tell you, the way Vasia did it, I did not feel a thing. I actually had to remind myself that she was tightening hair right on my head!


With the help of her assistant and talented makeup artist Taryn, we were done in no time.


I am loving this protective style so much. The extension matches my natural hair perfectly.


Light and easy to manage, I will be enjoying the next 8 weeks with this look.


Big Hair and Don't Care! Throughout my crochet styling journey and beyond, I will be using Vasia's Natural Handmade products. They promote healthy scalp, healthy hair and healthy styling.


CEW Leads the Conversation in Beauty - Achiever Awards 2015


A couple of weeks ago I volunteered at the CEW Insider Series event. It was fantastic. The Achiever Awards was even better! It was held at the wonderful Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City.


Over 1K attending this event. My job was different this time. I was at the registration desk...Yacks! 🙈🙉🙊 Thank Goodness for the CEW girls training and patience.


As a volunteer, you get the opportunity to watch the event plus get your own gift bag!!! 💕💕💕💕


This bag was THE Bomb! I mean look at all the stuff I got! I don't know who would not get excited about a gift bag like this one filled with premier beauty products !!!! C'mon ....this is really cool.


So if you want to know more about CEW, go on their website. Sign up as a member and maybe we will see eachother at one of the events;)


CEW Leads the Conversation in Beauty - The Beauty Insider Series 


I love to volunteered at CEW's exclusive Beauty event. This one was the Beauty Insider Series: The Millennial Impact – What They Want From Brands

It was amazing to be surrounded by passionate groups of professionals in the Beauty industry at every stage of their careers, from every facet of the industry together.


"CEW welcomes women and men at every stage in their careers, from every facet of the industry."

When you become a member you get instant, insider access to breaking industry news, business insights, career opportunities and a overflowing roster of other passionate, beauty-forward professionals.


For this event, as a volunteer, the assignment was: Gift bag Assembly, Guest Check in and Greeter.


We had to assemble close to 450 gift bags a few hours before the event. The bags were filled with awesome goodies.


After filling them up, we had a whole system put together to place every single bag under each attendee's chair.


Then it was check in time.


In no time, the place was filled with Beauty professionals, networking and connecting before the presentation.


CEW values the time you take to volunteer for their events. After my role was completed, I was invited to watch the program plus  given an event gift bag.


I have a Scrubz Body!


That's right! If you are like me, always looking for Natural Skin Care products, than you need to get your hands on Scrubz Body.


The entire product line uses all natural ingredients such as: Olive oil, Soybean oil, Aloe Vera oil.... Every single jar is handmade with love. None of the products are tested on animals.


Need a natural based makeup remover? Than you have to try the Bye Bye Makeup™ Unscented Remover My makeup came off so easily with just about 2 drops of this solution. My skin felt really soft.


The face is a very sensitive part of our body. Nourishing it and maintaining it is important.


As a mother, business woman and working mom, the cold cucumber once in a while is not always the best natural solution for my tired eyes. The Bye Bye Bagz™ Soothing Eye Cream is now my best friend. I cannot live without it.


This shea butter and emu oil balm goes a long way. It is not only good just for your eyes. I put it on my lips and all over my face too. It leaves my skin feeling softer and refreshed. Remember a little goes a long way!


I am ready to build my Scrubz Body natural skin care product assortment at home now after trying out these 2 amazing products. Next on my list: the natural sugar scrubs.


Make your body a Scrubz Body!

You Are Beautiful Now


Ok so you've seen flash tattoos everywhere right? And you love them like I do I'm sure. I mean, what's there not to love! I'm super excited to introduce You Are Beautiful Now mettalic tats!


The selection and the designs are stunning. It was very hard for me to put together my tattoos because they are all so beautiful.


The selection per packet is really good. There is a great variety of sizes and colors available. So much fun! Metallic tattoos are very easy to wear and to remove.


You can choose to be bold with them or keep it simple. Whatever you do, you will be beautiful with them. 


This trend is not a Summer only thing! Trust me on that one. It's here to stay.

I fell in love with Bella Chic Glamour Squad!


My experience with Bella Chic Glamour Squad was simply fantastic.  I have been waiting for a service like this for so long.  The last time I had a team just for me to do my makeup was for my wedding. So who is Bella Chic Glamour Squad?

Bella Chic Glamour Squad is a team of professional makeup artists and hairstylists that come straight to your front door to get you ready for your event.  Yes, I know what you are thinking and you are correct. This is a service just like those celebs and housewives get on TV. You live in New York? New Jersey? or L.A.? Not an issue. There will be a Glam Squad Professional available for you when you need them. It's a whole network of MUA and Stylists.

I had an event to attend today and Alysha did my makeup. She holds a "viva glam & patrickstarrr BEAUTY BAKERY WORKSHOP" at AMA Hoboken certification, has been published twice in two different magazines "NJ BRIDE" and "Shustring magazine", has done American Next Top Model Shei Phan's makeup, has  worked comic con NYC, Imats NYC, and TheMakeupShow NYC. Alysha is definitely one of many high experienced makeup artists available through Bella Chic Glamour Squad.

It's super easy to book your appointment.  Online Go to or download the the Free StyleSeat app available with the Apple Store and Google Play. You will receive a text appointment confirmation the day before as a reminder which is awesome. Follow Bella Chic Glamour Squad on Instagram too: @bellachic_glamour

I have nothing but great things to say about this service and will sure be booking them again very soon!

PS: Thanks Alysha! You are a doll !!!!!

Essie Nail Polish Colors

Hey guys, just keeping a Lookbook for you of all the Nail Polishes that I have worn. I included a link for you to easily purchase if you like the shade. Enjoy!

739 - Smokin' Hot
739 - Smokin' Hot
821 Madison Ave-Hue
821 Madison Ave-Hue
872 Roarrrange
872 Roarrrange
279 St. Luca Lilac
279 St. Luca Lilac
BUY - 745 Sand Tropez
BUY - 745 Sand Tropez
BUY - 720 Turquoise & Caicos
BUY - 720 Turquoise & Caicos
679 Mezmerised
679 Mezmerised