"Natural Hair Power"- Know the Facts!

The trend was always to have your hair relaxed.  I grew up having my hair braided with big bows on them or corn rolled.  When I became a teenager, it was impossible to see a dark skin girl styled with corse hair.  It had to get permed! That was the normal thing to do.  I honestly didn't think much of it for years.

I actually felt more confident when my hair was permed at that time.  I used to be so annoyed when I had roots growing out and couldn't wait to head to the hairdresser for a retouch. But little did I know, I was harming my health, my soul and who I really was.

Producers/Directors Ajx Diop and Anissa Willson Diop build a team to create awareness about the real facts of the power of natural hair.  In their recent documentary, it showcases real women pledges about their hair journey.

Relaxers cause chemical burns, scalp damage, and respiratory issues.
— AJX "Natural Hair Power" Fact

Even in the Corporate world, there was a time where you could not even step in for an interview without your hair pressed or put up in a ponytail.  A wig was the answer.  

The U.S. Army banned dreadlocks, cornrows, and kinky twist hairstyles
— AJX "Natural Hair Power" Fact

The Natural Hair Power Documentary is a marvelously insightful and entertaining documentary about hair, in particular, African/spiral hair.  The goal of the documentary is to reveal the historical and psychological reasons people want to chemically change their natural hair texture.  The aim to destroy misconceptions and stereotypes about kinky curly hair that have, throughout time cost billions of dollars, as well as, contributed to low self-esteem and a bevy of health issues.

I am not in this documentary but I can absolutely relate to what it stands for.  I have my own pledge when it comes to natural hair. Having natural hair today is now more and more normal. There is a plethora of "natural hair" products in every single major chain store now where years ago you would only see relaxers on the shelves.  It is THE hair to have.  It has become a fashion statement, part of our pop culture and identity.  However, we cannot forget why we need to embrace it to begin with.  

I teach my daughter everyday to love her hair and to learn how to style it. When I decided to go natural years ago it was actually my Dominican Hairstylist at the time that decided not to relax my hair that day.  She asked me why I was putting all these chemicals every 3 months when my hair was just fine! She was 100% right. Transitioning was not easy, but it was well worth it for my own health and psychological needs. Don't be afraid to go natural and please I beg you, don't do it because your girlfriend did it or you are in love with that YouTuber natural hair influencer who by the way has a completely different hair than you.  Do it for yourself!

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Martine Cadet

Martine Cadet, Digital Media strategist, Speaker, Model and Handmade Jewelry Designer.