KADOKÉLÉ: Living Artfully, Créole Style

I was born in the States, grew up part of my life in Africa but my roots are from Haiti. I have had a bitter sweet love for Haiti as a result of my father's sudden death 2 decades ago. I do love my culture a lot however and I am proud to be a Haitian Creole woman. When I met KADOKÉLÉ Creative Director, Founder and Designer Marie-France, she took me back to my roots with her personality and her designs.

Let me explain better....

Marie-France and I connected through Instagram back in 2015 when I first stated Kaderique. Although we never met in our lives, we instantly clicked. We had lunch together for the first time and could not stop talking as if we were 2 long time friends that were reminiscing of our times together. We carried long conversations and I had such a pleasure learning about her brand KADOKÉLÉ.

KADO which means gift in Haitian Creole and KÉLÉ which is her Uncle's nickname, describes exactly what the brand is all about. Marie-France created KADOKÉLÉ to pay homage to her culture but also to her late uncle's Art. The brand offers unique apparel and hand-crafted jewelry. Following a short trip to Haiti after the 2011 devastating hearthquake., Marie-France came back to the United States as a new woman. She had fallen in love back again with her country Haiti.

"Growing from an artsy family, it is inevitable not to be bitten by the ART Bug!, she says.

Marie-France did not question the inspiration and creative juice that was flowing within her. She translated her love for her Haitian roots into Fashion through beautiful jewelry and apparel.

KADOKÉLÉ's collections are live and artsy. I had the opportunity to style KADOKÉLÉ VANYAN Tshirt which gives homage to the courageous, hard working Haitian women living in the provinces of Haiti. KADOKÉLÉ uniquely handmade painted mussels shells earrings are always a conversation piece when I wear them.

The wired earrings from the MÒN collection, are inspired by the mountains of our beautiful country Haiti. Lightweight and bold just the way I love my accessories.

KADOKÉLÉ is definately making its name for itself. With a recent website launch and new collections, you need to bookmark this brand a stop when you are shopping for authentic, special, artfully fashion. KADOKÉLÉ inspires you to live Artfully.

 Having lunch and a great conversation with Designer Marie-France

Having lunch and a great conversation with Designer Marie-France

 We attended the  Between Sisters Brunch  Together and had a great time!

We attended the Between Sisters Brunch Together and had a great time!

 Wearing Gorgeous Handmade Earrings

Wearing Gorgeous Handmade Earrings

Martine Cadet

Martine Cadet, Digital Media strategist, Speaker, Model and Handmade Jewelry Designer.