Beautiful and Healthy Nails with SNS

Years ago I used to rock acrylic nails. For a while, I was heading to the nail salon for Gel manicures every 2 weeks.  When I found out the cons of the UV lighting, I stopped applying gel and just went straight to regular mani.  But honestly, having a mani every week done can kill your pocket! Plus, it does not really last a whole week.  

I recently found out about SNS manicures at my local nail salon and been loving it! This may not be news to you but it sure is to me.

All the colors of the rainbow and beyond are available! The best part of it all:

  • There's NO UV Light

  • It contains Vitamin E and Calcium

  • It remains Odor-Free

  • Lasts 14 days!

  • and you maintain healthy, strong nails!

The process takes about 45 minutes all together when you have your first application.  Add another 10 minutes to soak to remove the old color and you are out the door. Yes, out the door. Just like gel manicures, once the application is done, no need to sit under the dryer.The Gel Base is the key during the entire process.  Lots of buffering too.  The color is a powder. It costs at my local salon $40 for the application. do you have sns by you? have you tried it? 


Martine Cadet

Martine Cadet, Digital Media strategist, Speaker, Model and Handmade Jewelry Designer.