How to Win in 2016?

These women have the drive, the passion, the skills and everything in between when it comes to being an entrepreneur.  

It was an intimate event. We were like best friends chatting about the challenges, wins, failures of running a business and of course we talked about our hair!  It was uplifting, impressive and most importantly it was comforting to be amongst a crowd like this one.

Keisha Reeves - Founder of Keirenae Hair and Skin

Keisha Reeves is the Founder of Keirenae Organic skin and hair care line. Each of her products contain simple ingredients that can be used on both hair and skin. Keisha is continuously evolving her brand.  From showcasing her products at the recent International Hair show to hosting this amazing event all at the same time, Keisha definitely is on track to win in 2016.


Keisha Reeves - Founder of Keirenae Hair and Skin


With Hair, Fashion, Beauty Queen Janae nae2curly

nae2curly Janae - Detroit Hair Vlogger and Social Media Influencer

Janae shared that one of the most important ways to win when you are in business is to truly be you and to love what you do.  I could not agree more.  When Janae speaks, she speaks from her heart.  She is honest and humble.  I had the greatest pleasure to chat with her in person and she recharged my batteries for sure with great business advice.

With Spencer St Fleur Wellness Coach |Nutrition |NaturalHair |Blogger |Brand Influencer |CrossFit

Spencer St Fleur Wellness Coach |Nutrition |NaturalHair |Blogger |Brand Influencer |CrossFit

Spencer St Fleur is the prime example that one can pursue anything that their hearts desire.  She is a Wellness Coach, a Blogger, a Cross Fit Trainer...yes all of this and more! She has energy that you cannot ignore when you meet her.  Spencer believes in one's Purpose and shared with the group that you have to have a WHY because that is what will keep you going as you evolve in whatever journey you are in.

With Creator of napturaldivas2adore


Creator of napturaldivas2adore

You know that quote that says She believed She Could, So She Did...Well napturaldivas2adore showcased this at the event.  She mentioned that with the love of God, determination and belief, anyone can win in what they truly love.  She never thought in a million years that her hair would take her this far.  But she believed, she trusted God and went for it! napturaldivas2adore is winning! 

This event was really great. I met new faces and familiar ones too.  Chrisie owns a plus size online boutique.  Her assortment is trendy, fashionable and very well priced. Check out her website

With Chrisie Founder/Owner of Chrisie Styles Boutique

Martine Cadet

Martine Cadet, Digital Media strategist, Speaker, Model and Handmade Jewelry Designer.