Styled by Bonita

“Healthy hair care is my primary focus and I am dedicated to giving my clients quality hair care service and a quality salon experience." - Bonita

Originally from Brooklyn, NY. Bonita has settled nicely for the past 16 years with her family in the lovely township of Maplewood, NJ. A graduate of Columbia Sr. High School in 2009, Bonita's strong Ghanaian roots was the inspiration of her consistent work ethic. Being knowledgeable and persistent while obtaining success was inevitable and she proved herself to be correct in her efforts.

Bonita's specialty lies in Natural Hair Care. Blowouts/Silk Presses and Sew-in weaves, are her most requested services. Bonita prides herself performing blowouts with no heat damage. 

This is my daughter's hair before Bonita styled it. 

This is my daughter's hair after Bonita styled it!

This is my hair before Bonita styled it.

This is my hair with Bonita's touch!

I love my natural kinky hair and I educate my daughter to embrace hers everyday.  I've straighten my hair in the past but would always be worried of heat damage and shrinkage. Bonita changed my point of view.

Not only did my hair feel healthy and strong, it lasted an entire week and felt great when it came back to it's natural kinky state. 

Crafting Custom Wigs, Updo’s, Two-Strand Twists, Twist-Outs, Braid outs, Bantu Knots and Relaxer Services are also apart of Bonita's skill set. Contact Bonita via email Email: or:



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