Hip Hop Conference


Remember, I am Fanatique of everything that is awesome. So when I was invited to join the Press group for this year's Hip Hop Press Conference, I did not hesitate and accepted. I listen to all types of music and most importantly I love people that are focused in their artistic craft. As a handmade Jewelry Designer myself, I always love to meet people in the creative field.

The event took place at Mr. Adams Steakhouse in Newark, NJ. Perfect atmosphere for an afternoon of networking, music and learning. Turn tables were up and in no time the place was full of energy.

The Hip Hop conference was created by CEO, Terrance Bankston.  His mission is to promote cultured values, collaboration and integration amongst artists, Hip-Hop movements, Press, Media and Production.

   Terrance Bankston|  CEO Hip Hop Conference| Twitter

Terrance Bankston| CEO Hip Hop Conference|Twitter

The panel of speakers included major Hip Hop influencers such as – Money Carsin who has been a ghostwriter since 2001 working with various industries artists. He has also collaborated with artists such as Sisqo, Redman, Jeremih, and Fred The Godson just to name a few (source) – Nikki Walker Entertainment and Lifestyle Public Relations guru – Keith Harrison of ASCAP The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers- Don Richardson Manager of Interscope Records and many more……..

Questions about music management, how to promote your single, what is expected from an Artist were amongst many critical topics that were discussed. This was a super productive networking event for all up and coming Artist, music producers or anyone in the Entertainment business that attended.

  Keith Harrison|ASCAP

Keith Harrison|ASCAP

  With Nikki Walker|Entertainment and Lifestyle PR

With Nikki Walker|Entertainment and Lifestyle PR

Live performances and exclusive interviews were set up for all the groups and single Artist to showcase their work.

  Artist: Jen Jer Ricci| YouTube

Artist: Jen Jer Ricci|YouTube

  Artist: LavishJay|  SoundCloud

Artist: LavishJay| SoundCloud

I would encourage anyone that is in the Entertainment Industry to attend at least once in their life! You will learn a lot, meet amazing and professional people that are active in the industry and really have the opportunity to establish strong relationships to help you grow in your movement.

Martine Cadet

Martine Cadet, Digital Media strategist, Speaker, Model and Handmade Jewelry Designer.