Social Media Behavior = Social Media Personality Which one are you?

ok so I've always been on social media, but since I started blogging and selling my handmade jewelry Kaderique, I've discovered that there are social behaviors that determine personalities. 

1. The Lurker - This is the one that is a very consistent visitor. You can tell that he/she logs on during the bus ride to work, during lunch or late night before heading to bed. To me, this is a loyal fan. Their purpose is pure entertainment. I find the lurker very private and conservative.

2. The Clicker - OMG this one brings me smiles everytime they show up. From time to time, especially on Instagram more than other platforms, this is the one that shows up and like literally 15 posts in a row, do not comment and just bounce!

3. The Looker - They are on all social media platforms at least from what I can experience. These are the ones that like your Facebook page, follow on twitter, Google+ ...but NEVER like, NEVER comment and NEVER share. It's like they are there but just not showing up.

4. The Loner - I think everyone has this social media personality. I mean, that is what social media is all about after all. Each publication is expected to inspire and turn on a spark, thought in your mind.

I don't think I've captured them all...But these are at least the consistent ones I have seen to date. Beware of your social media behavior!

Martine Cadet

Martine Cadet, Digital Media strategist, Speaker, Model and Handmade Jewelry Designer.