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Dia Designs: Transforming Afrocentrism, Black Femininity, and Power into Wearable Art

Zakiy Heron-Fortune is a Visual artist, Painter, Drawer and an amazing woman.


Her work is powerful, fun and interesting.  "I have practiced art since I was able to pick up a pen, marker, paint brush etc" she says. Her greatest influence is her mother, who is also an Artist.  Zakiy's Art can be seen in several online Art Exhibition such as Exhibition Nestand Raw Artists. Shetakes her art to the next level by transforming it into apparel.


Dia Designs was created with the need to promote the power of womanhood.  Dia Designs which is the acronym for Dara Iya Afin, meaning Beautiful Lady in Yoruba is transforming Afrocentrism, Black, Femininity and Power into Wearable Art! 

Dia Designs can be Dressed Up ....


...or Dia Designs can be Dressed Down


Dia Designs is on Instagram and Facebook

Special Thanks to G50 Studios . Photographer @young_germain . CEO of CDiamonds Cosmetics and 2014 Full Figure Supermodel @tjprettyeyes1 . Prolific model, actress and wirer @lizzpetite1

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