Top Shelf Treats Halloween Cupcakes! So Yummy...


What's Halloween without delicious treats!?! The owner of Top Shelf Treats, Shola Agunbiade has some really amazing Halloween cupcakes treats!


But before I get into them all, I would like to tell you about this energetic, smart, and talented Pastry Chef!


Shola launched  Top Shelf Treats in 2015. Baking has always been a passion of hers since she was young. As cheesy as it may sound, Shola fell in love with the Pastry world after receiving her Easy Bake Oven as a gift. She loves finding recipes and adding her own personal touch to them.


Shola told me that she always had a sweet spot for all things sweet! She is a self taught Baker and was the type of friend that would always bring sweet treats to any gathering. As a result, with her great support system from her friends and family, she created Top Shelf Treats so you and I can have the opportunity to enjoy her delicious baked goodies. With an array of desserts such as cupcakes, cookies, pound cakes, and alcoholic infused treats! Make Top Shelf Treats your new destination for sweets!

I know I have!!!! You won't be disappointed. Trust me! Shola brings you quality treats using premium ingredients.

Top Shelf Treats Menu
Top Shelf Treats Menu

Top Shelf Treats intensive menu offers something special for everyone. Whether you want cookies & cream cookies or Madagascar vanilla bean cupcakes. Shola, a lover of all things fabulous would describe  Top Shelf Treats as a sweet treat of Luxury!

I already know I have to try that special snookie cookie she has....hmmmmm lol!!! Nope, I am not done selling you yet! I know already that you will fall in love with the  alcoholic infused one!

I did....when I took it home that is...


72 hours is the lead-time!!!! Follow Top Shelf Treats on Instagram To place your order, send an email to or call 201-213-7977

Top Shelf Treats
Top Shelf Treats

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