Stephanie Bijoux


Although we are close to 1K miles aways, Stephanie and I had the opportunity to connect through the wonderful world of social media and I am so excited to share with you who this talented artist is as well as presenting you 3 ways how I styled one of her signature pieces.


Born in Nigeria and raised in the fashion melting pot of Atlanta, Ga. Stephanie Omenukor jewelry making skills were always part of her life.

Over the years, Stephanie developed her talent and decided to start her entrepreneurial journey and on May 2015 she launched her stunning line of handmade jewelry: Stephanie Bijoux. Her inspiration comes from natural Stones, colors and African prints. I love my Golden Frindge necklace. It's classy, a show stopper, definately a statement to a brunch 💕


Dress it down for a girls night out or date night with a pair of skinny jeans and killer pumps💕


Yes, you can wear Stephanie Bijoux to work too! It's versital enough to style for the office💕


Stephanie sees her Jewelry as wearable Art. She believes the jewelry one wears should make a statement about who they are and what they value. It should give a glimpse into their personality and carries a great personal sentimental value. I styled it the way it fits my personal tastes when it comes to fashion and it works! It will work for you too. There are many other gorgeous colors and designs available.

Martine Cadet

Martine Cadet, Digital Media strategist, Speaker, Model and Handmade Jewelry Designer.