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Rocksbox: Premium Jewelry subscription

I used to have a subscription box program before. It was for natural home cleaning products. I have contemplated joining a food and wine subscription at some point too but was worried I would gain too much weight!


In my opinion, subscription boxes are very useful. I have since, canceled my membership from the home cleaning company just because I ended up finding a brand at my local market that had a little more variety in their assortment. Other than that, I would totally recommend joining a subscription box program only if it is in the in the niche of product or services that you use most in your everyday life and that you know will save you time and money.


When Rocksbox reached out to me to try out and review their subscription premium jewelry box program, I was super excited. One because I am always out and about to special events and always in need of something to wear and two because hey what girl does not love premium jewelry?! Let's be real. A nice pretty box in your mailbox every month feels like your birthday every month! I kinda like that!


So basically for $19/month you receive 3 pieces to wear literally. It’s like jewelry on a loan is the best way I can describe it. Each piece of jewelry is hand-selected for you based on your style and specific requests by your personal stylist. Yes! I said personal stylist! Sounds fancy right? Well it is.

My Rocksbox stylist picked out a Gorjana drop earrings, a Pandora bracelet and a gorgeous spectrum necklace for me once. The next month I received another Gorjana piece of jewelry, this time a set of earrings, a stunning rose gold necklace by Elise M and a lighting charm necklace from Cameron Rose.

These pieces are not for you to keep. My suggestion to you, if you are exploring joining the Rocksbox subscription box program, make sure that you care for your jewelry pieces well unless you choose to purchase them instead of returning them back. This is totally an option too by the way.

If you are a jewelry lover and enjoy switching your looks often, this a very good subscription box to join. I am currently not a member right now but I am exploring joining again in the near future. It is very convenient to have especially if you are like me always on the go attending events and need fresh looks constantly.

Update: Since this sponsor blog post, my Rocksbox promotional code has expired. however, when you sign up directly on the site at www.rocksbox.com they usually offer great promotions.

This is a sponsorship review provided by Rocksbox. All opinions shared in this post are my honest review of Rocksbox products and services


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