Purple Yam - Brooklyn , NY


Purple Yam is a small Asian restaurant with a traditional Filipino flare located in Brooklyn, NY.

Photo Credits wxy studio
Photo Credits wxy studio

I went there for brunch to meet Creative Director, Designer and Founder of KADOKÉLÉ.

The space is cozy and family friendly. The kitchen is exposed and definitely makes you feel like you are in South East Asia, especially with the bamboo walls in the outdoor dining area.

Photo Credits: WXY Studio
Photo Credits: WXY Studio

Prices are very good and the food is EXCELLENT.

We enjoyed Ukoy which is a vegetable shrimp fritter. Lumpia Shanghai was a great complement to the entire meal. This crispy deep fried springrolls with pork, mushrooms, carrots, jicama and sweet-sour pineapple sauce were by far my favorites.

We washed it all down with fresh glasses of mango juice.

With the very warm summer weather right now, what is a brunch without ice cream? It was very hard to decide what to order.  So we ended up with 3 homemade ice cream scoops: Purple Yam, Vanilla Bean and Jackfruit.  Look how pretty these bowls are!!!!

This has made my list of best places to eat in Brooklyn! Hope you can stop by and try it out yourself or if you've been there, would love to hear about your experience.

Martine Cadet

Martine Cadet, Digital Media strategist, Speaker, Model and Handmade Jewelry Designer.