by Martine Cadet

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Easter Kid's Hat

Easter is fast approaching and of course, it is crafting time at school!  We received a note from my 3 years old son's class a week ago, advising that each child needs to have their own Easter Hats for the party this year.  Of course, I could of just went to the store and bought an already made hat.  But why do that when all it takes is a few hours, a little creativity and patience?  Plus, it's a great activity to do with your kids anyway.

So my daughter was my helper since my son was already fast asleep when I remembered this project was due the next day. She was my "creative director" picking out the colors, the design...you name it! She was all over it.


- Scrap paper from old projects

- Glue (Glue stick and a glue gun)

- Ruler

- Pencil and marker

- Scissors

- Cotton Balls


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