First Communion Decor. How I planned my Daughter's


It's been almost 2 years since we had our daughter's First Communion. I still remember it like it was yesterday.

The weather was perfect, her dress was just what she wanted and best of all the celebration was unforgettable.

I started planning roughly 4 months before the date.  Visited several places and in the meantime gathered ideas online.

Finally, found one restaurant that was just right.

Booked their private room and that is when the fun began.


After taking some pictures of the restaurant,  based on the vision that I had I created a Power Point presentation to illustrate what I wanted.

Included in the presentation were my comments and reference photos that I had pulled online that I liked.

I have to say, the sales manager was very supportive of my ideas and tried everything to ensure that the right plates, flowers, menu ...were exactly what I had in mind.

The Menu
The Menu

 I delivered the favors the night before, arranged for the Bakery to drop off the cake and cupcakes an hour before the dinner party.

I created and designed the menu with the restaurant's help.

It was all up to the restaurant to set everything up while we were at the ceremony and they sure did.

I walked in after the ceremony so amazed when I saw the set up. It was flawless.

 Moral of the story? Don't be afraid to plan the decor of your next event.  Pull some tears, pin some great images, gather your thoughts and Voila!

Hope this post inspired you and motivated you to plan the decor of your upcoming event.

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