by Martine Cadet

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Challenged, Inspired and Recreate

Updating a home feels like an endless journey.  As a homeowner, you always wish you had a magic wand to be able to do all the work all at once. But the reality is, you have to take it one step at a time.  Taking it slow is actually a good thing.  This gives time to collect ideas, concepts and shop around. The Challenge: Updating a very traditional entry door to a more transitional design.

The Inspiration: Houzz is a great online source for design inspirations. You can sign up for free and save photos that you like.  For this challenge, the selected doors below felt the most appealing and the right fit to address the design needs of this home.

The Recreation: Next step is finding the actual door to purchase. This door from the Home Depot achieved the overall design needs of this mission. Although it is not exactly the same as the inspiration photos, it recreated the exact look.

Home Depot


My original Front Door


My new Door!!!!





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