this challenge is for you if you...

Are you struggling to find what to post next? That is the challenge for a lot of us small business owners.  With everything we have going on, family, J-O-B, name it...who has time to figure out what to post on a daily basis????? Trust me, I know it is not an easy task this is why I created this challenge.

...Simply because...

You already know that creating consistent and valuable digital content for your brand is the only way you will stay top of mind in your industry. What you are missing is inspiration and accountability

A successful digital content marketing strategy is all about being consistent and speaking to your audience by communicating your value proposition through text, video or photo.

...ok, how is this going to work?

Well, during this challenge for 5 straight days, you will receive daily video prompts from me in your email box to help you curate, create and publish your content EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  • Choose to publish your content at whatever time you want or on whichever social media platform you are most comfortable with.

  • Join others by using the #kaderiquechallenge so we all, including myself can come and support you.

  • You will publish over the course of this challenge:

    • video content

    • text content

    • photo content

what will I gain out of this at the end????

After the challenge ends, you will be so surprised how creative you are, how much you can accomplish in such short amount of time and most importantly, you will start to learn more about your audience. Are you in?

Excellent! To join the challenge, complete the form below by entering your information.  Check your email inbox (spam included just because...that's how it goes sometime...) and you should have a welcome email from me to get you started.  The challenge starts 24 hours AFTER you sign up! Now let's go have some fun creating digital content!

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