Let’s Upgrade Your Digital Content Norms!


So, you want to build a massive brand and you think that social media is the way to get there? Well good news: you’re on the right track! Social media is indeed a highly powerful tool for building a massive audience and connecting with that audience in a way that many brands and companies never will.

But before you can start posting media and content, you first need a plan. What, you thought you could just dive in without any strategy? Your social marketing plan is essentially the strategy and the series of steps that you plan to follow in order to take your website or business from a small name or tiny blog; into massive, self-sustaining, professional organization.

Content is what makes the web go around. Content is what makes people visit your website, it’s what encourages people to follow you on social media and it’s what eventually turns your visitors into fans rather than just followers.
— Martine Cadet, Founder and Creative Director

It sounds impossible for many people but the fact of the matter is that this has worked for countless brands before yours. Take a look at any of the biggest names in your industry, and you can almost guarantee that they started out where you are right now and that they used social media – possibly alongside other tools – in order to grow and to become something bigger.

Your social media strategy should largely be about sharing content. That means directly posting images, videos and text to your social media accounts but it also means posting to your blog or website and then sharing that on social media. But this strategy will only work so long as the content you are providing is top quality and highly engaging. So now the question is: how do you ensure that this is the case?


Instagram Content Creation Rescue Mission is a live workshop I have created to help you Upgrade your Digital Content Norms on Instagram and have a killer feed for your business!

My name is Martine Cadet. I am obsessed with Digital Content curation, creation and management. I personally work hands-on with small business owners like yourself, helping them strategize and implement their digital content to ensure it meets their business goals.

The coaching that Martine gave me was so on point. After I left her I was on fire to implement the plan she created. I am so grateful that I had the chance to sit with her in person and get up close and personal with her. She’s the one.
— Candace Kelley , CurlPrep
Martine is a pleasure to work with! She goes over and beyond in making sure my business thrives. She’s an excellent business strategist and cheerleader. She’s humble, extremely hardworking and creative. She’s amazing, and I highly recommend her.
— Tosin Komolafe , Nandi Skincare