by Martine Cadet

Kaderique is a Digital Content Management company that can help you take your brand into the digital world.  Martine Cadet is the founder and Creative Director of Kaderique.com Martine is based out of NJ and NYC.  Martine is a Media Influencer, Blogger, Speaker and Consultant.

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Get rid of your social media clutter.


Social media strategy and operation services with Martine Cadet

You are a small business and you are well aware that having a presence on social media is the new marketing way to promote your business.  But you are confused, frustrated and just tired of putting time that you feel is not necessary just because you are not seeing results.


Over the years, I have spent many hours learning and testing how to create irresistible Digital Content effectively to bring in value to an interested audience.  While working a full-time job, being a mother of 2 and taking care of a home, I have been able to guide other small business entrepreneurs by teaching them my tricks and tips on how to create a social media marketing plan that will not keep them up at night. It is important to find the balance and this is where I come in to help you. 


I had the honor to participate at the Facebook Boost Your Business event in Newark NJ. I was part of the panel of of fabulous speakers Ikuzi Dolls - Ozi; Leilo's Sweet Shop - Nicole; and Hairsofab Shop - Nicole. We spoke about our do's and don'ts when it comes to building a business online particularly using Facebook and Instagram.

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