The Power of Sharing | Ep. 1 | 05:50

So in this episode, I need to start off by telling you a little bit of a story so you can understand what I mean by the power of sharing. So, when I first started my blog I started really by sharing DIYs that I was doing around my house and I did a DIY with a storage piece that I bought at my local Ikea that was intended for kitchen organization they were baskets metal baskets that you would put in your kitchen....but instead of putting them in my kitchen I actually put them over my toilet in my bathroom for storage and I basically did the whole thing and I took pictures from my cell phone and wrote the blog post and you know and that was is it and I published it and then think much of it and like every other blog post I pinned it in Pinterest and that was about it. And then I realized a couple of months later that I was getting a lot of traffic I was checking my Google analytics and noticed a spike in my visitor count and I digged in and drill down to see where it was coming from and I noticed that the website that you know was bringing the traffic was BuzzFeed and Pinterest I'm like why's BuzzFeed and Pinterest pushing traffic into my website so then I drilled down further and noticed that what was being pushed was the actual blog post about the DIY that I did over the toilet and at that point I'm like what is going on? and I'm noticing notifications from Pinterest advising that tons of people were repinning my pin about the bathroom organization that I had pinned and then I said well let me Google and see what's the BuzzFeed part of it and I went and searched and notice that BuzzFeed actually had put up article together about bathroom makeovers and my bathroom makeover was part of the list so that's pretty much where this you know came from and then a couple months later I looked at it cuz the visitor count was increasing even further and I noticed that other websites were pulling my content into their website so long story short you know the learning that I got from this is that it's important to share it's important to share period And if you think about it most platforms most social media platforms are based on the concept of sharing I use Poshmark a lot if you don't know Poshmark it's an app where you can sell gently used clothes or brand new clothes and the concept of sharing is very strong there because if you don't share other people's listing you're basically not going to sell and when you think about Pinterest as a platform as well it's all about sharing when you pin and repin it's like you're sharing and that's how you bring in awareness and visitors into what you are pinning so what I'm trying to teach you now is that if you are not currently sharing your content out there and letting others know what it is that you're putting together you know you should start doing that you should start doing that and share your content within your community and your space online so that others know that you have it because that's what people are looking for an even on Facebook when you post your blog post on Facebook you know you want it to be shared and you know one of the ways that I do that for an example for Facebook I share my blog posts into Facebook groups and everybody else supports each other by sharing each other's blog post so there's a there's a big deal behind sharing and I urge you to try to do that more and if you're not doing it right now I would suggest that you explore starting to share your content a little bit more if you're frustrated about not having enough visitors in your website you know I'll try it out and see cuz I experienced it and it works so that is it as far as me sharing the power-sharing so hopefully you found this podcast useful and that you will put it into action or even Explore if you've already started sharing the results of what that has done for your business until then have a wonderful life I hope to see you back here tell your friends tell your family members about this podcast and I will be back thank you so much for listening.

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