How to Turn Your Passion into Online Profit

You have a passion and you want to turn it into a business but you have no idea how and question if you actually can make it a business? This post is for you. This is the best way I can put it out to you.

Here we go.

If you want to start a new business hundreds of websites will spoil you for choices. A new business idea is born every second and a large number of these are potentially profitable ones. But on any given day, if you think of turning a hobby into a business, its chances of succeeding increase many-fold. Why? Because you are passionate about it and like to do it.

Turning your hobby into a profitable business is one of the best business opportunities you can get. Imagine doing what you like and getting paid for it! There ain't a better dream come true. I sure enjoy it. But let's be honest, if you don't keep your feet on the ground, your dream can turn a fairly frightening responsibility and such a chore. Take this reality check to see if you are ready for getting into business and if your hobby can realistically be turned into a profitable idea.


  1. Research your hobby: Does turning your hobby into a business fill a real need gap? Is there anyone out there who would want to buy your products? If yes, then are there enough people who can constitute a sizeable market for you to keep your business profitable? Is there an economical way to market and distribute your products or services?
  2. Market Research: When you ask questions like the ones above, the answers will come from some in-depth market research. Spend considerable time staking out your market. Research over the Internet. Find out if there is anyone selling your kind of products already? If yes, what has been their success rate? What kind of people would constitute your target market? Is this market big enough to keep you profitable? What are the price points for your product? What are the selling mechanics for your product on the Internet? (Since that's where you are going to base your business)
  3. Make a business plan: A good way to determine whether your hobby can turn into a money making proposition is to draw out a full-fledged business plan. You can get free business plan templates from . Do some number crunching. This would typically include financial forecasts dealing with questions like start up capital and where can you raise it from, the gestation period for the business, income generation and forecasts.
  4. Are you geared up for business? Take stock of your own business sense. Are you comfortable with the risks and the cyclical nature of business? When running a business, not every day is Sunday. There can be some bad days too and they may last longer than youd expect them to. What are your managerial and administrative capabilities? Would you still love your hobby if it became you main income source?
  5. Decide how much time can you devote: Before you get all set for wading out into the great ocean of online business, ask yourself, how much time can you realistically spend on your business? If you think making it a full time activity would mean being away from your family more often and not acceptable to you, make it a part time venture. A fledgling business is like a small baby. It demands your complete attention all the time. Are you up to that?
  6. Find an innovative business angle: Just because a hobby is fun for you, doesn't mean someone will pay you to do it. You'd have to do more than just plain sell your services and hope to make enough money. The trick is finding the twist that will turn your recreation into an income. 


With the Internet opening up a new marketing landscape, it has become easier for creative people to do business. So building an online business based on your hobby can provide you with a niche with a large demand and little competition to supply to it. That can make the road to success easier.

Here are some guidelines to get you started:

1. Build a professional website: Your business is based on a hobby, alright. But having a website that doesn't look professional reflects badly on your business. Unless you have the capability to build your own website, you must hire the services of a web designing company to build you a site that fulfills all your website goals and looks professional. 

2. Populate the site with useful content: Content is king on the Internet. Unless you give your visitors something useful via content, they are not very likely to stick around your website, much less buy from you.

3. Use the website as an online brochure of your services and products.

4. Since you will be using the website to sell your products make sure that the pages are easily navigable and the layout is comprehensible.

5. Promote your website: Use reciprocal links, search engine optimization, viral marketing and other online marketing strategies to increase visibility and traffic to your website.

One great disadvantage of chucking it all for a new business is that if it works; great. If it crashes it takes you down with it. But with careful planning and sound judgement of your own capabilities you can make it work.

Are You Inspired in Your Work?

I used to sit in my cubicle at work and wonder why do we all work? and the natural answer I had was well I work for money.  But then does it mean that those who earn enough to last a lifetime or those who inherit should do no work? If someone who has enough money decides to do no work, will it make that person happy and contented?

The problem is: How to know if we are inspired in what we do?

First ask yourself: am I made for that work? Does that work fit my abilities and mental makeup? What about enjoyment? Do I enjoy doing my work? Am I happy at the end of the day or tired and irritated? Here's what I think: If you enjoy doing your work, no amount of hard work will tire you out totally. Otherwise your inner frustration of doing something that you don't like doing will tire you out with anger in no time. You are going to want to quit and you will be miserable all the time.

Next ask yourself: Do I feel that my work makes other lives better? If somehow you can begin getting that feeling, your inspiration in work will rise without any other help. I can testify to this. There is something amazing about the joy of supporting and collaborating your values in others.  For me, when I take on a project, I put all my heart and soul into it and it just does not feel like work anymore. We all feel very satisfied if we feel that our work has made someone feel better right? At my day job for example, when we hit amazing sales as a team and the VP thank us for our efforts, we all feel so happy.  The point is - you will feel satisfied and inspired if you give joy to others with our work.

The last question you want to ask yourself to find out if you are inspired in your work would be to find out if you show creativity in your work? Those who are inspired show creativity in some area of their work because they want to improve the work efficiency. Uninspired souls will only wait for the day to get over while inspired ones always feel good and creative doing their work. I think 90% of the office where I work is like this. I cannot even lie about it.

Here's the thing, if you have found a work that inspires you, you are very lucky, otherwise it is time to find your true vocation and get satisfaction.

We derive satisfaction in life by doing things that we feel are worth while. If we are sure that we have done good work, we feel peace in the heart. It gives us the approval of our ability.

I hope this post does not sway you in any way to turn in your resignation at work tomorrow but instead lead you to start thinking about your current work and ask yourself these questions!

3 Reasons Why I Started My Own Podcast and How you can Have yours too!

You are going to laugh but I remember recording my voice as a teenager in a cassette tape. That was my diary back in the days. Don't ask me why I did it lol. I don't even know where the tapes are now honestly. Today, I am doing it again but this time I know why and I know excalty where I will store it all. That's right, I launched my own podcast. Why?

1. Because It's Another Platform to engage!

I have a YouTube channel, I am engaged on social media platforms through images and live streams, however, I realized wait, I don't have a podcast! The crazy part is, I listen to tons of podcasts all day everyday from the same people I follow on social media! I feel more connected with them and as a result have sent them emails and engage with a good portion of them. For that reason, I thought to myself well I want to give my audience just that.

2. Because You Can Consume the content Without having to Stop What You Are Doing!

You can multitask and there are no commercials lol So what are you going to expect to have on my podcast well a little bit more of a personal relationship with me. It's more or less of my diary. I share my strongest opinions there. It's an extension of what I'm already putting out through my blog and through my social media platforms.

3. Because it's FREE!

Who doesn't like Free stuff?! I know I do! It's not only free to Start your own Podcast, it's also Free to maintain and produce one! It took me weeks to figure out how to do it and that is why I created a free podcast tutorial in my Kaderique On Demand Training for you to follow along and create your own.  


Your brand has a voice.  This is a platform that is rapidly growing today and all major marketers share the same point: Podcasting is not going to die! Get on the bus if you are a creative entrepreneur.  You are a blogger, a small business owner, a motivational speaker?...Any creative person can do this.  Share your values and your brand message through your podcast series. I cannot wait to subscribe to yours!

How to Get Noticed Online Without a Large Following

When you start your business, you naturally go to friends and family to seek support.  I did that when I started.  The turnout? Not so strong.  I am not saying don’t rely on your friends and family. The reality is, friends and family will congratulate you but only a handful will actually pay for your services or products to show their support.

It was a rude awakening for me early on when I realized that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and actually tell the world that I was in business.  I had no idea where to go, what I should say and truly was just afraid that it would amount to nothing.

I had no choice but to break the “shy” barrier.

Here is what I did:

·      I researched on social media, specifically Instagram, under hashtags in my space and in my local area.

·      I identified small business owners and studied their offers.

·      I put together a plan as to what I would be able to offer them based on what they were showing.

I set up myself not to be discourage if no one answered back to my emails or DMs.  I cold called….online.

The result?:

·      I was able to secure great collaborations.

·      I made sure to remain authentic and honest with my intentions with each client.

·      I gain visibility in my local area that resulted with even more collaborations.

I created relationships with other creative people in my space willing to partner with me on other collaborations.

Here is the thing: If you are a new business or thinking of going into business, don’t worry about having the right amount of following, likes or engagement.  Focus on creating great content and showing what you are able to do. The rest will follow.  Be authentic with your approach and don’t think too hard when you send that email out. I still reach out to brands the same way and communicate the same way I used to when I started.  I don’t think I will ever change that.

Also, if you have to remember one thing remember this: Not everyone will understand you, your brand and the value(s) that your creative business can offer.  The ones that do, trust me, they will manifest.

I’ve had collaborations that ended quickly and others that became multiple projects.  I am a fan of the latter.  I like to build long term relationships because to me building a brand is constant marathon.

Again, focus on creating great, authentic, taught provoking content!



Pam Taylor Award-winning American Roots Rock Artist Will Steal Your Heart


I had the opportunity to connect with Pam Taylor during her UK tour this August.  Not just once but twice! I feel like a lucky girl lol Well, what really happened is that the first interview I had with her, I accidentally did not record the vocals. Yacks! But despite her busy schedule and the difference in hours, Pam was able to connect with me again.  That is how humble and amazing she is.

Her positive, welcoming and warm personality is truly why she is where she is today.  Pam Taylor is an Award-winning American Roots Artist.  She is also a jewelry designer and maker. Check out her shop HERE on Etsy. Really amazing pieces.

Pam grew up in Lancaster, South Carolina. Her new Album that just dropped today Steal Your Heart is not her first. She released in late 2012, Hot Mess. This debut release hit #1 on Roots Music Report, #3 on Sirius XM BB Kings Bluesville, and #25 on the Living Blues Charts.  In late 2015, Dirty Southern Soul was out, and sold-out at the CD release show at the Evening Muse in Charlotte.

I fell in love with Pam for a lot of reasons. The portion of the Podcast is really just a taste of how wonderful Pam soul is.  In the summer of 2013, Pam hit a serious health roadblock.  She suffered from a ruptured disc in her neck, which left her with a paralyzed left arm and in severe pain.  Today, Pam is in great health, full of life and embracing her existence. She channels that energy through her music, live performances and through me! Speaking to her was so inspiring. She is so positive and welcoming.

Listen to my Podcast Episode #7 with Pam on SoundCloud or ITunes



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