What you will Need for this Training:

  • Apple ID and Password
  • Souncloud Free Account
  • Canva Free Account
  • Smartphone
  • Wi-Fi

Tutorial Overview

This series will go over how you can record your Podcast episodes from your smartphone, create your Podcast cover and Submit it to iTunes for review. 


Recording and Editing Your Episodes

You can use any voice recorder App to record your episode right from your phone.  If you are planning to conduct interviews, I recommend that you download Anchor.fm This App is very easy to use.


Creating Your Podcast Cover

Canva.com is a really great graphic design website.  To create your Podcast cover, the dimensions approved by Apple are 1400 x 1400. Any other size will be rejected.


Submitting Your Podcast to Apple

Every Podcast goes through review before they go live on iTunes.  If your RSS Feed and Podcast Cover are all correct, once you submit, Apple generally advises back within a couple of business days.