Kaderique by Martine Cadet

Martine Cadet

Digital Content Creator, Blogger, Speaker, Influencer, NYC/NJ



Welcome! My name is Martine Cadet.  I love home decor, fashion, networking with entrepreneurs, eating Greek yogurt and hanging out with my 2 kids!



My merchandising and product development corporate career experience along with with my natural love for entrepreneurship has given me the ability to continuously stay on trend and confidentially coach other brands to establish their presence in the digital world through my brand Kaderique.



Client Reviews

This Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger, recently wrote some amazing pieces about our brand, mission, and merchandise. She truly expounded upon what our clothing line really stands for. Mentions concerning our ministry, modest aesthetic , and fashion pieces were emulated effortless through out the articles. We were undoubtedly honored to be featured in those stories. Thanks again Martine Cadet from Kaderique. You highlighted our brand more than we could have ever asked for. God bless you!
— Natasha Lambkin, CEO and Founder of Tashee Inc.
I stumbled across Kaderique by Martine Cadet one day when I was looking for a creative lifestyle blogger to tell my story as a photographer. Everything from scheduling the blog interview, to actually being able to do a photo-shoot with Martine was absolutely ingenious. To be able to work with a brand that is inventively unique was such a great opportunity and truly inspirational. To this day Kaderique is one of my favorite lifestyle blogs and soon to be yours too!
— Tamika Wright CEO of Photos Done Wright